Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Baby Oak Trees

There are some amazing oak trees in the Back 40 of our Estate. I'm bringing some of their babies up to the open field by our house. The best time to move a baby oak is in fall because it's not so wet, not so buggy and the soil is easy to dig--and trees don't mind moving in the fall. But finding a baby oak is tough when the forest floor looks like this:
It's like Where's Waldo?

Then I looked up and realized that after Friday I don't want to be out in the woods looking for baby oaks to relocate.
But the woods are interesting this time of year. Mushrooms grow in clusters. Birds chirp overhead. Leaves rustle. The underbrush has dried up enough that it's easy to get around.

I did find 8 baby oaks to transplant. In 10 years they will be taller than me. Oaks are a habit that require a lot of patience and faith.


  1. How cool!

    We have a "baby" oak that started as a self-seed under some mature trees that are over 100 years old. Nine years ago we could have pulled it up. Now it's taller than all of us.


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