Saturday, November 10, 2007


Living in Wisconsin we tend to talk A LOT about weather, especially in winter, so brace yourselves. Last night we froze. Bachelor #3 snuggled into bed with me at 3:30 this morning and his toes were like itty-bitty icicles so I wrapped him up in my blankets and headed upstairs to sleep in his bed. Mr. G's new "big boy bed" is against an outside wall and I shivered, thinking, I'll warm up after a few minutes. I didn't.

This morning I came downstairs and my feet hit the warm floor--(radiant heating rocks) and looking outside I saw it's time to turn on the fan that blows this 1st floor heat around the 2nd floor of our house. Frost has flattened our lawn, my hardy perennials have shriveled and turned brown, and very few leaves cling to the trees. The cold is here to stay and that means a few things:

1) Replace the air filter upstairs
2) Buy flannel sheets for Mr. G's bed and move it against an inside wall
3) Cover & mulch the rest of the garden, dump out the potted plants that I've been coddling in a futile attempt to keep summer alive on my porch
4) Gather, wash and pack away the jackets and pull out winter coats, boots, mittens, & hats
5) Start hearing everyone I meet say how cold it is.

Oh yeah, and I read from Jen on the Edge this morning that I've got 46 days until Christmas and the boys snagged the Target catalog that came in today's mail. Crap. It's going to be a long day. They're lining up now to tell me what they want...

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  1. Brrr, I'm shivering just reading this. So you haven't had your first snow yet? That's the real sign of winter...

    We got that Tar-zhay catalog too and I had that sucker in the recycling bin so fast that even my head spun. Nope, no way, no how. We are not going there.


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