Thursday, November 29, 2007

Christmas Photo

Last night after dinner I ran 3 bachelors through the tub, put them in pajamas and positioned them in front of the Christmas tree. I instructed them to 1) sit still, 2) smile and 3) sit still, for the love of God.

It took 20 shots and a lot of "Just sit still! I'm almost done! Mr. G move your hand! Mr. T smile! Stop moving! Look happy!"

This is NOT going to go on our Christmas card.


  1. They are all so cute. I love it when people post family pictures. Love the pjs.

  2. I like to play "Let's make a deal..." with my kiddies to get good group photos. For every one picture that I pronounce to be "good", I take a couple of silly shots that include goofy faces, bunny ears, and whatever expression sticks on their faces as they say, "Silly Pickles". Those are some of the best pictures with the most genuine smiles and laughter. Your bachelors are precious.

  3. But it's so cute!

    I do what H does too and it usually works like a charm.


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