Thursday, November 15, 2007

Death Wishes

Lately Death has been a topic of conversation around our house.

The other day Mr. T (Bachelor #1) told me, "Well, after Dad dies and I die and Mr. B dies and Mr. G dies and you die I guess they'll just have to tear our house down."

(Where did he come up with that?)

And yesterday Mr. B informed me, "When Dad dies, then Mr. T becomes the daddy. Then when he dies, I'll be the dad. When I die, Mr. G will be the dad and when he dies, well, then you'll have to die Mom, because there will be nobody left to take care of you."

Awwwww ...

I love to read obituaries--every now and then I come across an amazing person who lived an incredible life and their obit. totally reflects that. But most of the time obituaries are crap. Mr. D is NOT allowed to write mine. I've told him that. I've also told him that the sentence, "She lived every day to the fullest," is NOT permitted to appear in my obituary or at my funeral. It's a blatant lie. I've spent quite a lot of time frittering away my days. I should spent some of this time writing my obituary so Mr. D doesn't have to sweat it.

And when I'm dead? No one can print a message to me in the newspaper on the anniversary of my death saying things like, "Mom/Mel, we love you and think of you always. Love, Mr. D, Mr. T, Mr. B and Mr. G" Seriously. Because when I go to glory, what makes you think I'll be reading your $15.00 personal tribute in The Appleton Post-Crescent???

I imagine when it's my time to go, there'll be more sentimental blather than I could possibly stomach, so it's just as well I won't be around to hear it.

On a happy note, it does make me feel good that my children are so comfortable with the concept of death and not all freaked out or traumatized by it. It's another indication of how healthy and well-adjusted I've helped them become. (Oh yeah, I'm taking full credit on this one.)


  1. I love obit too! I always feel bad for the people who miss their 100th b-day by a few come one at least get them to 100. I also find it interesting what people post in their obit...Who cares if you were validictorian in 1912? You class only had 6 people.

  2. I just loathe those messages to the dead in the newspaper.

    As for the obits, honesty is nice. You can sometimes even tell when a family is trying to hedge around some sort of unpleasant truth.


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