Monday, November 5, 2007

Joining the Blogosphere

I'm a Blogoholic. I also enjoy strong dark coffee, reading, NPR and cuddling with my children.

A year ago I though blogs were pompous, pretentious drivel posted by college students and Gen-Y employees with too much time on their hands. Then last spring my good friend/fellow Bumble Book Club member Robin handed me a book. Reading
Bitter is the New Black by Jen Lancaster changed my life. I laughed, I howled, I returned Robin's copy after purchasing my own. I also bought Bright Lights Big Ass and laughed and howled some more.

I couldn't get enough of Jen so I Googled her in hopes of coming across another title. Instead I came across Jennsylvania and that's where the trouble started. (While I've yet to meet her in person, I like to believe Jen would enjoy being the catalyst of trouble.)

I bookmarked her site and went to it daily seeking sustenance and belly laughs. Then, after reading her archived blogs from the past two years, I saw that she had links to blogs that
she liked. I began to read those, too.

My dependency grew out of solitude--I'm the last of a dying breed around these parts: A Stay-At-Home-Mom. Well, let me amend that, I'm the last of a few college-educated, stay-at-home-moms-who-had-a-career
and I am over 30. I live out in the country, all my friends are at work all day or live in other states and I get bored with no one to talk to. By reading a list of blogs with my morning cup of coffee, I've drawn encouragement, gossip and a lot of laughs from gals like Poppy, Jen on the Edge, Mommy Needs Coffee and The Cheeky Lotus. My blog habit became my daily coffee clatch--the type I imagine actual housewives having in city parks or across suburban fencelines--the kind where the Moms talk about their friends, neighbors, children, neighbors' children, politics, fashion, movies and books. The warmth and friendliness and honesty I found in these blogs met my picky criteria for friendships (cyber or otherwise) and drew me into their lives and today I hope to begin returning that favor.

So pull up your chair and warm up your cup. I'm finally brave enough to offer my voice to the conversation.


  1. You are the best friend anyone could have and an inspiration to us all. Because YOU do it all. can't wait to read "you" everyday and not just once a year in a Christmas Card

  2. Blogging is addictive. And the people you meet? Are even more so.

    Congratulations on joining the club!

  3. I'm with you. I can't imagine living without blogs. Actually, I can because I was computer-less for an entire week this past summer while we were on vacation. That meant no blogs for that time and now I think I know what it's like for drug addicts to go into rehab. The DTs were terrible!

    Welcome to the Blogosphere!

  4. I think your blog is great! I will come here often.
    I think it's hilarious that you call your boys "the Bachelors"!! :)
    smart AND witty! can't wait to read more from you!


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