Thursday, November 29, 2007

MeMe, Oh My

Happy Thursday everyone! I'm It! annabanana from Outposts in My Head tagged me, so here we go:

The Rules

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7 Random Facts
  1. I will only drink dark beer.
  2. I never attended my high school graduation or either of my college graduation ceremonies.
  3. I have never been on a diet, nor have I had to lose weight, aside from pregnancy pounds. (Go ahead and say it, I can handle it. "Bitch!") My metabolism is just freakishly high.
  4. I am very catty and judgmental, not a quality I'm proud of, but I can't seem to make the urge to comment on people's hair/makeup/clothes/behavior go away. And it's not like don't belong on What Not To Wear. So I guess that makes me a hypocrite too.
  5. I've never used any illegal or unprescribed drugs. (Yes, I am pious AND hypocritical)
  6. I never wanted to have kids and didn't really like my own when they were babies. Fortunately, they've grown on me, so everything's cool now.
  7. I will have a black belt in karate in about 2 years.

The 7 Victims

Miss Mommy





Roxy's Mom

Works for Mom


  1. Thanks for the tag! I just got it up so come on over and check it out. Also, I totally broke the rules so apologies ahead of time!! :)

  2. Hey there...thanks for the tag. It has been completed, just in case you wanted to take a gander.

  3. THIS is my favorite tag of them all (one I have done already). :)

    Here's my proof! :)


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