Monday, November 12, 2007

The Suck Up

Big Daddy is letting me go to New York City. More accurately, Big Daddy is footing the bill for my trip to The Big Apple (a place I've never been--that is, aside from being in the airport and driving through). I get to go to the NYCIP Book Fair, spend the night off of Central Park, meet my agent in person (squee!) for dinner and have lunch with Melissa Rossati, Publishing Coach (who totally rocks). AND I get to see two of my Screw Iowa! writing group pals, Lauren and Marni. AND I get to do this Nov. 30-Dec. 3 which means I get to see New York City all decked out for Christmas.

I'm so so so so so so so excited--72 hours to pack in so much opportunity and FUN!

But until then? And for a few weeks after? I'll be sucking up big time.

Which means on today's Suck Up To Do List:

1) transplant 5 baby oak trees out of the Back 40 and into the field by our house
2) bake apple bread for breakfast/snacking (2nd loaf goes to our fave children's librarian)
3) drop off shirt at dry cleaners
4) prepare amazing dinner
5) hang up & sort the pile of clothes next to Mr. D's side of the bed

But these are all things I'd normally do for Mr. D, so while he calls it sucking up? I call it being the most fabulous wife a guy could ask for. Because if I was truly sucking up I'd be adding:

6) put out.

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  1. I'm so excited for you. NYC at Christmas time is just magical. And cold, but you're from Wisconsin so it will probably be balmy to you.


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