Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Bald Boy & Blue Belt

Green Girl's Great Great Great Great Great Great Great Great Grandma?

I've descended from exceedingly hairy Germanic tribes--and possibly Sasquatch. When Mr. T was born, he, like me, slid out of the birth canal with a full head of beautiful hair. Mr. T's hair was thick, wavy, full of body--the kid belonged in a shampoo commercial when he was ten days old. He had his first haircut at 3 months. Of my three sons, Mr. T is the only one lucky enough to inherit my hair genes--the other two got the receding/balding/thin/wispy hair gene prevalent on Mr. D's side of the family tree. (Did Mr. D descend from that obscure tribe of exceedingly bald Anglo-Saxons???)

Mr. T wants to shave his head bald. He claims he's curious about what it will feel like when his hair gets shaved off and what it will feel like to be bald.

Hair is one thing I'll let the bachelors have full freedom of expression with--it grows back and any change isn't permanent. Heck, my hair was a rainbow of color until I turned 22 and I turned out okay. And it's a better venue of self expression than body piercing or tattoos.

I only suggested to Mr. T that he waits until the snow melts--it's cold in Wisconsin this time of year and that hair is handy. Perhaps he'd like to be bald when it's hot out?

Then the truth came out.

Mr. T wants to have wild hair like his buddies at school--spikes and stuff. Oh. Well, Mommy's happy to buy a jar of American Crew and make your hair look crazy if you'd like.


Tomorrow we'll experiment with hair product. If that doesn't work, I'll get a razor and start calling the boy Kojack.
Hopefully Mr. T is "hot bald" like this:

And not a weird, lumpy, bumpy, pointy-headed scary bald like Mr. D's Uncle. Stay tuned.

In other news, I earned a blue belt last night at my karate test. Mr. D did not come to watch. If he would have, he'd have seen me get flipped right onto my back by another student's defensive side kick. I tucked and rolled so well that my instructor commended my cheetah-like instincts on the mat. And I executed the best radial nerve strike EVAH in the self-defense portion of the test. This Sasquatch kicks ass!


  1. Congrats on the Blue Belt! I am so proud of you!
    Good idea not to fight the hair stuff. It is not worth it.
    And if Mr. T wants to be bald, I suggest a good stocking cap.

  2. Congrats!!

    My oldest was pretty hairy when he was born---but not on his head! Seriously, he had the hairiest back and butt I'd ever seen. Your Sasquatch reference totally cracked me up!

  3. You're so right about not fighting the hair thing.

    Congrats on the blue belt!

  4. I am so rooting for the bald man #2look...we are, of course, going to have to see a photo.


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