Thursday, December 20, 2007

A few of my favorite things...

One of my favorite possessions is this scarf:

Handmade for me by my friend Mary who is infinitely cooler than me. She's tall with model-gorgeous features, intelligent, well-read, simpatico politically and when she moved to Minnesota I was despondent because I'd lost my only stay-at-home mom friend who was just like me. (Except I'm not tall with model-gorgeous features.) Mary loves good dark beer and red wine, has only male children, and faces family dysfunction pretty fearlessly. She cooks succulent meals, comes up with the most clever gift ideas (like dark chocolate bars and nifty lip balms) and has impeccable taste in EVERYTHING.

When she moved to MN, she took up knitting and made me my wonderful scarf that I wear ALL WINTER LONG (Read: 5 1/2 months in Wisconsin) and I get a complement on it almost every day. Yesterday it was the two women working at the bakery counter. The day before it was one of the other karate moms. Everybody loves my scarf and that makes me love it even more.

This morning I raise my coffee cup to Mary, divine friend with flawless taste.

In other news, we gelled Mr. T and we'll see if it holds his thick hair up all day. If not, we may be hearing the buzzzzzzzzz of a razor soon.

Finally, make sure you head over to Kalurah's site and register for the Avon Extravaganza!


  1. I seem to recall a wonderful Thanksgiving sweather complete with two pilgrims knitted by Green Girl, which I still proudly wear.

  2. I love that scarf too. What kind of yarn did she use?

  3. Love the colors! Is that you? You're pretty.


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