Friday, December 7, 2007

Must be a government-funded project

To the child who took a shower in my bathroom last night:

The traces of your experiment on the chemistry and physics of bubbles totaled $66.00.

My inventory of the shower floor indicates that you used the following:

One jar of Mommy's very nice exfoliating scrub: $20.00

One jar of Mommy's bath gel in the same scent as the scrub: $16.00

One half of a liter of Mommy's salon-quality Nexus Therappe shampoo: $10.00

One tube of peppermint food scrub: $10.00

One more bottle of bath gel (not so nice): $10.00

While I've no doubt that the high quality ingredients produced an excellent amount of foam and lather, I believe using Daddy's bottle of Suave shampoo will produce the same effects. I will await reparations while the federal grant money appropriated to Project Super Bubble passes through both houses of Congress.

Love, Mommy

P.S. Please add to your research notes that the aforementioned ingredients do create a slick residue on the shower floor as evidenced by the loud crash and angry curses you heard this morning.


  1. Do you have a suspect yet?

    This is really quite funny, especially since I wasn't the person who skidded out in the shower this morning.

    Thank you for the laugh.

  2. This sounds like many of our homeschooling science projects.

  3. Now the little one needs a lesson on what products he can use in the bathroom--I'm sure he doesn't want to smell like a girl--use only Dads stuff!!

  4. this cracked me up to no end!
    but I DO hope mama is okay. :)


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