Saturday, December 22, 2007


On this shortest day of the year, I dedicate my post to the shortest member of our family who has been with us the shortest amount of time. He requires the shortest amount of sleep, has a short attention span, and of the three bachelors, my time in labor with him was the shortest, clocking in at a mere 2 hours.

Here's a short list of things I like about Mr. G:

1) He is freakishly coordinated. Batting left and throwing right, he has a smooth touch with all balls from all sports.
2) He loves to color. REALLY REALLY loves to color. In coloring books (very unusual for my tribe). His favorite, though, is finger painting with the Color Wonder stuff.
3) He runs and giggles for huge chunks of each day. When he giggles you can see his dimples.
4) Whenever anyone is getting dressed you can hear his high pitched voice yell, "Naked booty!"
5) He continues the Team Testosterone Tradition of wearing superhero capes and masks out in public places, unafraid of revealing his secret identity to anyone who asks, be it store clerk, fellow shopper, postal worker or librarian. He wears yellow rubber rain boots to complete his superhero ensemble, adding a touch of flair.

Thank you for taking this short moment to pay your regards to Mr. G.


  1. What a fun kid!! I thought he was the one who wanted to shave his head---I thought it was advanced for a 3 year old..Sarah straighted me out. Enjoy his fun spirit!!

  2. I have room in my heart to love another Mr. G. Any kid who is on the alert to scream NAKED BOOTY is a friend of mine.


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