Thursday, December 27, 2007

Fresh Cover.

Mr. T is sleep deprived and hooked up to the brain scanner now (will there be activity? at times I do wonder...)
Mr. B is pleased to own 3 new turtlenecks ('cuz he went to the store with me this morning to pick up the pirate gift and the rest of grandma's gift).
Mr. G is mad that he couldn't take a bath this morning and threw a naked tantrum. (which brought back a vague flashback from my college years...)
And we got a surprise snow!

So I walked around outside at sunrise.

Everything looked soft and white.

Before I begin the Packing of the Minivan in Preparation for the Christmas Journey to Iowa, I think there is sledding in my future. And cross-country skiing tonight.

For this year's pirate gift with my Iowa in-laws? A Wisconsin Badger sweatshirt and matching baseball cap. Because nothing says "Go Hawkeyes!" quite like a bright red, white and red sweatshirt with the word "Wisconsin" emblazoned across the chest. On the card I'll write, "When you're ready to cheer for a winning team." I saved the receipt just in case I get stuck with it, then I can get the sweatshirt in a smaller size. heh heh heh.

And last night after we picked up Trouble, Mr. B asked,
"Mom? When is your tummy going to get big again with a baby sister in it for me?"

The one wish that will NEVER be granted thanks to the Power of Vasectomy.


  1. We didn't get the suprise snow in S.P. yesterday. Your pictures are beautiful!! The wisconsin "stuff" for the Iowa people is great--hope they enjoy it!!

  2. It looks beautiful where you are.


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