Monday, December 3, 2007

A Tree Grows in Manhatten

I'll be honest, I had rather low expectations of NYC. I guessed it would be dirty and crowded and full of really rude people. What I found was this:

and this:

New York is full of great history, architecture, museums, restaurants and some of the nicest people in the planet. The food was fabulous and the smells were varied. Central Park exceeded my expectations and The Algonquin Hotel was a gem. Even Times Square, which advertised absolutely not a single item/song/movie/widget I desired, was awe-inspiring in its glitz and obnoxiousness. (For about 60 seconds, and then sensory overload occurred and I couldn't walk away from it fast enough--which was difficult considering the jazillion people blocking the sidewalks and intersections.)

But the best part? The bit I never once expected? New York City is full of trees. Beautiful trees all over the place.

Being Green Girl, I never imagined enjoying NYC so very much. I return humbled by its magnificence. I admire folks who take such pride in their hometown, but I never figured a place so very big and filled with so many different people could have hometown pride.

So while I'm glad to be home where one's Personal Space is a polite distance of 4 feet and the tallest building is 8 stories high and we've got more grass than concrete, The Big Apple is a place I'd love to return to someday.

Thank you to Mr. D and Lauren and Marni and Kelly and Hillary for helping to make this trip possible.


  1. I'm so glad you had a good time! Did you see any shows or do any shopping?

  2. Nancy--so glad you had a good trip to NYC--it makes me want to see it soon---

  3. Glad you had a great time and NYC was much more than you ever expected it to be! You deserve the time and the expected success


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