Saturday, December 15, 2007

The Turkey Diva

I'll admit it, after talking smack about my Mother-in-Law and her Thanksgiving dinner, I've felt a bit bad, especially since I've never actually cooked a turkey myself. So MY parents came to town this weekend and I put my money where my mouth is. And people? My turkey kicks ASS! My stuffing--not anything to write home about--yet. My gravy? According to Mr. D it was beyond perfection. My green beans were divine and the salad--well, I used Poppy's recipe and got the ravest of rave reviews. I was asked for the recipe and asked to bring it along for Christmas dinner. Uh-huh.

I'm shaking my booty and doing a victory dance that puts NFL receivers to shame. Who's that talkin'? Jo! Jo who? Jo Mama, that who!

In other news, I did enter the Fourth Ring of Hell which would be the mall on the 2nd Saturday before Christmas where I stood around Hollister with my youngest sister for a whole hour while she spent her gift cards from moi. Hollister? Sucks. Really, really sucks. Sucks loud. Sucks dark. Sucks crowded. Sucks boring, ugly clothes. Sucks identical-looking teenagers with identical long straight hair and tight jeans and too much eyeliner shoving past. Sucks too much perfume smells.

And finally, pray for Bossy's daughter.

Oh, and my pecan-pumpkin dessert? Rawked! Yay me!


Spill it, reader.