Thursday, December 13, 2007

Very Good Read, Sir

"What's that you say, old man? Green Girl's got herself a snootful of books to bingle?"

A lifelong bibliophile, I've gotten into the shoddy habit of reading three or more books at once. There's the book club book each month, the borrowed book that needs returning (of which there are several, stacked in a high pile in my library) and the book I've bought. In these darkest days of winter with the Solstice a week away, I'm curling up to read earlier and earlier.

This week I've started Dry. by Augusten Burroughs (borrowed). It's been a sickly week at our house so a memoir about recovery depresses me, especially one by such a dark writer (who I'd enjoy in lighter periods o
f life). The book about Katherine of Arragon has a font too small for my sinus drug-hazed eyes. So to which pages do I turn?

P.G. Wodehouse is a genius. His Bertie Wooster bumbles through life at the club, on the links, at country manors and riffs off more cool slang than Snoop Dog. (Check it: "There's a smut on your nose," "bunging in a short story here," "Pure tabasco," "Any girl who can think up a wheeze like that is my idea of a helpmeet.") Bertie's attended to by Jeeves, his cool, brilliant and ever-scheming gentleman's gentleman. And if Jeeves and Wooster don't get you giggling, the clan at Blandings Castle creates more havoc than all of Shakespeare's characters combined.

P.G. Wodehouse. Fetch the sum necessary for the purchase of one volume and acquire a volume of his work at your nearest bookseller. I'll be tooling off now.

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  1. I love PG Wodehouse and I delight in introducing Jeeves to a new group of kids every school year.


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