Thursday, January 3, 2008

Alone, High Fidelity Stream of Consciousness, P.E.W.F. Updates

Mr. B was invited to a play date all morning and gets to ride the bus to school (we walk), Mr. G is at day care and Mr. T is at school. I am home alone ALL DAY. The best gift in the whole wide world.

Flipping through channels last night I caught the end of High Fidelity. I like John Cusack, but I love Jack Black. That's probably very unflattering. I also love Garrison Keillor and John Goodman. I have a thing for talented, intelligent, funny, ugly guys. No, this does not explain why I married Mr. D.

I miss vinyl records with cardboard covers designed to make you look at the song titles. I miss the crackle as the needle began playing a new song. I miss the long wait between songs. I miss telephones with cords. When I was a teenager, all of my friends knew how to speak in code (like spoken text messaging) because we were each attached by the cord to the wall in our parents' kitchens and every phone conversation was overheard by the people we lived with. I do not miss party lines.

I miss the way you had to wait for a phone call and never knew who was calling until you answered the phone. I miss waiting for someone to get home to call you instead of hearing every detail of their journey while they talk to you on a cell phone. Ten years ago communication was rarer, more precious, more romantic and hopeful. Today it's so immediate and available that all the surprise, suspense and mystery has been stripped of it.

I miss men who are passionate about singular obsessions. Like music or lists or running or cooking or politics. Most of the men I know are lazy, easily entertained by whatever the TV throws at them, content to float on the top of things without any drive to go beyond the surface. Most of the men I know now have weak and shallow opinions. They bore me.

I miss watching TV and caring about the characters. I don't watch TV anymore because I don't care. And with the strike and the dominance of reality TV, I care even less.

I miss mix tapes. I still have several and they're like an audio scrapbook of who I was at one time--again, unflattering at times, but honest. Downloading songs doesn't have the same art to it as making a mix tape. Remember when we had 45-60 minutes of tape time and we had to map out how many songs could fit? And then the order of the songs mattered too, depending on the purpose of the tape. Today people just play what they're in the mood for, choosing from a buffet line of songs. Ten years ago, the songs sometimes dictated our mood, other times we selected the songs to reflect the mood. It was a more thoughtful process, and more meaningful I think.

I miss romance. Not sex, not physical attraction, but the thrill and excitement of doing something for the first time, beginning something and not knowing if you'll get to continue. I miss first kisses, flowers, post it notes professing love discovered in unusual places. I miss long drives and movies in dark theaters where people hold hands (or touch fingertips).

Because of popular demand, P.E.W.F. will include in its efforts to eradicate "wandering," the word "literally" and the use of apostrophes to make words plural. Any other annoying use of language you'd like to rid the planet of? Leave a comment!


  1. Give a girl the morning off and look what kind of trouble she stirs up! LOL

    I'm going to have to go back and read this at least twice more. ;-)

  2. I agree with Attila the Mom--it is good for you to get all this infor that you have stored in your head out or it might explode!!!

  3. There are medications for days like this...or gin straight from the bottle.


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