Monday, January 28, 2008

And we'll do it all over again.

Am back from our required visitation to my family--and it went pretty well, all things considered. My sister is probably as stable as she'll ever be and my mom, well, she really made an effort and I'm thankful for that. My dad took us all sledding (and it felt so good to be outside and breathe fresh air). We returned to my mom who had made hot chocolate and cookies. And now that youngest sister is a tween, there's no more weird competition between her and my own children. And naturally, coffee with my dear friend Mary was delightful.

Thank you all for your supportive comments & stories about motherhood with difficult/challenging children. Knowing I do not go down this road alone makes it so much easier, you cannot imagine. Or you can, which is why you're blogging right now. Either way, it feels good.

The boys have no school today which means I've just finished an hour of math tutorial with Mr. T (trying hard to keep my cool) and now he's playing his guitar. Later today we'll go to Chuck E. Cheese which is my personal 5th Circle of Hell. The World's Worst Pizza in a Casino for Little People. That place is always packed with other people's brats so I never go there with my own unless we happen to have an odd day off of school when the other districts don't. So we end up there once a year and today is that day. I've cut my coupons from yesterday's paper and told the boys we'll go. IF they get their work done and don't fight. They're making an effort, so in a couple hours we're headed to Vegas Jr. Ew.

Until then, in no particular order, I'll clean the litter box, toss around some laundry, mop the floors, tell Team Testosterone to get dressed & brush their teeth, review multiplication with Mr. T, check my email, and make out a grocery list. After our trip to Vegas Jr. we have karate classes all around and the grocery run where I'll continue to substitute or do without items I would've bought at Target. (A recent example: I need kid toothbrushes. The grocery store has them. In Elmo or Dora the Explorer. Which would be fine if my children were not male and older than four, which two of them are.)

I've promised myself wine and a viewing of last night's Masterpiece Theater showing of Mansfield Park as a reward for my good behavior today.

Glug. Glug glug glug. Green Girl guzzles good grapes.


  1. Was this post brought to us by the letter G?..Glug?

    After Chuck E.Cheese duty...
    Have a second glass you deserve it!

  2. Check out - it allows the kids to review basic math skills on their own and you don't have to get involved. I like it.

  3. Well, Green Girl, I share your beverage preferences. Funny,but over at Vintage Thirty there was a post about Chuck E Cheeze --and then I read yours. I actually wrote that CEC was a special circle of hell, my dears. Great minds and palates, hmmm?

    Welcome home!

  4. I'm glad the weekend went well. Sorry you have to go to Kiddie Vegas.

  5. Enjoy the wine! Wish I was sharing it with you. My testosterone-laden roommates won't be quiet!

  6. I am so glad you found me so I have found you! We have so many things in common, and you're so funny with your list of your day, I do that all the time. The best part was Chuck E Cheese being a Vegas for wee ones, I am still laughing!! I just got back from visiting with my family, too. Family's are challenging aren't they?


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