Friday, January 25, 2008

Bad Mommy

Really. Poor Mr. T. I've pegged him as depressed and ornery and then I had an epiphany last Friday. I Googled his Ungodly Expensive Medication and learned that a side effect is "depression in adults." The doctor and nurse had me so worried about his liver and blood count that I ignored this side effect. So I took him off the meds, put him back on the Inconvenient, Yet Effective Sticky as a Melted Popsicle Liquid Medication and called the doctor's office. The nurse assured me that Mr. T couldn't have been affected by depression. And yet a day after I took him off of it, he was back to his normal, interested, lively and happy self. Huh. Silly old me. Doesn't matter what you think, I tell her, he's NOT going back on that medication. It sucks the life out of him.

THEN Nurse MeNOT volunteered a pill option for the Inconvenient, Yet Effective Medication. A pill that he takes in the morning and evening and costs a fraction of the Ungodly Expensive Medication that made my kid depressed. A pill with hardly any side effects that stops his seizures.

She didn't mention this option earlier because?

She's a dumbass.

Then I went to talk to Mr. T's teacher about his struggles in 3rd grade. In the course of our discussion it became clearer and brighter than the blast at Hiroshima that my kid is probably dyslexic. So now I'm going through the red tape to get him tested and diagnosed so we can start reteaching grades 1-3 in a way he understands.

My heart aches and breaks for how much I've put this kid through and all the times I've doubted him and hollered at him and been frustrated with him.

I swear if he asked me today, I'd buy him a Nintendo DS and a Wii and a pony AND a car.


  1. Way to go!!! I love the way you are trying to stay untop of his learning and medical needs. We need to be advocate for our own medical care and question everything. My newphew is dyslexic and it wasn't known until he was in the upper grades. Learning will always be hard, but knowing how to teach him a different way will be helpful. Got some Mrs Meyers cleaner and my kitchen smells great.

  2. So glad you like Mrs. Meyers, Nancy!t

  3. Oh, gee. A Nintendo DS, Wii, pony AND car? I'm depressed too. Can I have a house in the Hampton's?
    I'm glad you're discovering what triggers are leading to his mood changes.
    When I realized that Zach's Claritin was making him hyper and maniacal, I cut him back. Also, his Albuterol (Proventil) gives him a creepy "tick".
    He blurts out "shit" out of nowhere, when obviously there's no reason for it. As soon, as I stopped giving it to him on a daily basis, he did fine.
    I just want to get it all under control before he starts school this fall.

    P.S Thanks for letting me ramble on, in your comments box. How rude of me! Apparently, I needed it??!!
    Thanks! :)

  4. Why couldn't he be depressed? Did the good Doctors (and idiot nurse) not realize the child has a brain? Isn't that where depression "lives"? GEEZ!

    mumble mumble ..I am not impressed with their medical skillz!

    P.S. Don't send the pony UPS..They break things.

  5. It just hurts to see our children struggle. If it's any consolation, re-teaching the primary grades will not take three years. He'll be behind for a while, but knowing what's up and knowing how to teach to him are huge. Hugs to you and hugs to Mr. T.

  6. You poor thing, but at least you've caught it early. Shortman said to me the other day, "I think I have ADD. It hurts when I have to focus on one thing too long." And he's 16!

  7. You're doing such an amazing job staying on top of all his needs, as well as everything else that a mother of three boys has to juggle!

  8. Green Girl, you are a super mom who can at least scratch the pony! You saw the med stuff and fixed it pronto, and I've no doubt you will find a way to get Mr T the extra help he needs to deal with his LD--those misfiring synapses from the seizures often go hand-in-hand and he will cope. You are a SUPER mom~

  9. Way to be your kid's advocate!! Poor kiddo. I'm glad he's back to his chipper self. You're a good mama.


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