Friday, February 1, 2008

Fairy Godmother Green Girl Grants Awards and Gifts

Blog World is chock full of interesting, generous, and fascinating people. I read crafty/bakey/arty blogs that inspire me and put me to shame. I read political blogs, mommy blogs, funny blogs and serious blogs. Every day I enter my CyberDomain (which yes, I am Mistress of, thanks for asking ...) and it's like a big, happy cocktail party. I grab my drink and head to Kalurah and Blackbird for beauty, cross the room to Mrs. G and Poppy for humor, find Minnesota Matron and Mary Alice for depth and analysis, hang out for a while with Jen on the Edge and Hotfessional for girlfriend chatter ... you get the picture.

It doesn't matter how badly I dress or how weird my hair looks in Blog World. If my bloggy friends talk about me, it's always been in the nicest way. Whenever I say something, they comment back, surprising, advising and never patronizing me. Team Testosterone can interrupt me and none of my bloggy friends give me a dirty look or sigh with frustration. I can join my CyberDomain pals at any time of the day or night because, well, they're always there.

(I feel compelled to point out that I DO have a real life here. Suddenly I realized how pathetic and lonely this last paragraph sounds--I see other people every day, face to face, in person. I'm not some loser sitting at home in my pajamas all day looking for companionship online. Well, not
all day, anyway...)

The point is (and I
am getting to it now), I have been awarded the following and it's time for me to pass them along and show appreciation to Bloggers I Admire & Enjoy. If I were a fairy godmother, with unlimited wishes, powers and resources, I'd happily bestow them on these women. (Raise my glass and wand, clear throat, smile winningly at everyone) Without further ado, I bestow the "E for Excellent Award" and "Blogs that Make Me Happy Award."

Mrs. G--she's got it all: humor, politics, parenting, secret boyfriends. I don't know how she does it all, and frankly, her blogging skillz have me in awe every day. I wish her a new, improved job FAST, a world tour with Mr. G and lots of secret satisfaction from her lovahs--particularly the one who plays a pirate. Argh, matey!

Jen on the Edge--not only is she a fellow Anglophile and bibliophile, she has adorable children, sharp wit, and the endurance to post
more than once a day sometimes. Here's to you, Jen, and all kinds of success as you fight the fluffy & annual trips to England to have tea with the queen at the palace. And crumpets, too.

Blackbird--insightful, inspiring, and intelligent. People with such taste as hers intimidate me, her talent with a camera and her eye for beauty amaze me every week. I tip my hat to Blackbird. I wish I could see the world as she does. Really. If I could afford it, I'd get her a bucket of credit cards to spend on ESTY. She'd use it on wonderful things, I'm sure of it.

Opiate of the Masses
is addicting (old Barbie dolls and used perfumes aside). I don't know many Big City Gals, so her life as a socialite is fascinating and her wicked humor is welcome--especially in the dark, long days of my country winters. I never know what to give the woman who has everything, so for you, Poppy, I wish a son who finishes puberty tonight and that new, fancy phone you're lusting over.

Minnesota Matron--just when I'm convinced all hope is lost, I read her post and discover that someone out there
does think just like me and I fell all right again. I have no clue how she has time for so many deep thoughts and profound posts with the life she leads, but I'm thankful for her superior intellectual powers and her courage to share them with the world. Mary, I wish you a book deal with a healthy advance, more social justice and a case of Pinot Noir.

Clemson Girl--she's funny, so funny. Anyone willing to share what day of the hair cycle she's on and can dream up the perfect Little League program is Grade A in my book. She's one of the few people who have moved more than I have and I think that's given her perspective and a good sense of humor. Clemson Girl, here's to a boon of sales in '08, a year of free drinks at Starbucks and a case of Jim Beam.

Hotfessional--one of the few women who spends as much time as me marinating in testosterone. Probably why she's so hot. Ree, I'd send you a giant flatscreen plasma TV with your
very own remote and a private jet so you can escape Travel Hell.

While They Play
--one of those crafty mother-types who puts me to shame. I admire her talent, her humor, her compassion and her grit. (Running one's own business out of the house? I cannot imagine...) Kalurah, I'd build you a studio for crafting, with all kinds of neat cubbies and shelves for your supplies. If I could. If I was crafty that way. Which I'm not. But the thought is
totally there.

From the Frontlines--funny, political, profound and so interesting. She had me at "large bohemian California family that drove a VW minibus." I think if I lived between Mary Alice and Minnesota Matron I'd be a better person in so many ways. And have you seen her smile? We should all
be so photogenic. (I really love her for her thoughts, not just her good looks. I'm not totally shallow that way ...) Mary Alice, here's wishing you a world of smarter, more conscientious people and many, many tranquil Friday nights filled with sweet music, glorious sunsets and succulent cocktails.

Domestically Challenged--I'm a new reader to her blog, but she's English, lives in Bath (Bath!) posts great photos, could hold her own conversationally with Mary and Mary Alice, and reads interesting books. What's not to love, people? I wish this woman buckets of Euros to spend in Mr. B's Emporium of Reading Delights and hours to spend on the reading of those delights.

Suburban Correspondent-- Six kids? Dieting? Home schooling? Reading books? Knitting? Blogging? What's that? She makes her own maple syrup and raises chickens? (Just kidding...perhaps) How any woman can do all she does and still conceive a coherent (and usually hilarious) blog at the end of the day beats me. But I'm glad she manages to do it, because I enjoy her efforts. For Suburban Correspondent I would love to send a housekeeper (maybe Alice from
The Brady Bunch) and make all the youngsters lose their ability to whine.


  1. Goodness, you put me in august company. And you made me sound way more together than I really am. Maybe you should read my blog more closely....


  2. Oh Mah Holy Hell girlfriend. Thanks so much.

  3. *sniff*

    Thank you for saying such nice things about me! It totally made my day.


  4. Congradulations on the awards--I really enjoy reading what is going on in your life each day. Blogs are a great way for people with the gift of writing to express themselves. Yesterday, you were so right about boys and how they play so different than girls.

  5. Green Girl Melissa! A big blush and thanks from the Matron who wonders if her moniker and awesome are an oxymoron? It's great to know we're so sympatico-- I kinda thought so. One more interesting fact about the matron: she once ran a political campaign for a Green Party candidate who nearly won!!

  6. So sweet of you. Just keeping it real over at the cycle: day 3 and needing some shampoo like you wouldn't believe.

    You've made my night. Which was much needed!

  7. Well thank you!

    Now I have some new people to go and see...

  8. All well deserved recipients I say!

  9. You are so sweet, you little green goose. I am appreciative and grateful. You've got yourself a nice thing going on over here too.

  10. Goodness, you make me sound so much more fascinating than I think I am. I love your description of me so much that I may just print it out and keep it on my bedside table to read to myself each night. Thanks, I am honored to be held up in the same light as all these other talented bloggers you mentioned.

  11. There I was reading greedily the list of bloggers you liked.....then I saw me -you could have knocked me down with a feather! Thanks Melissa! I'm thrilled to be included amongst those I have up put up on a blogging pedestal!
    I too will print out and keep close to my heart, such compliments are rare and savoured!
    Thank you so much!

  12. Thanks for the lovely tribute, and for posting all those links--some are old friends, but others are new to me, and I'm looking forward to discovering them.

    And would it be bad form for me to print up that paragraph and leave it out for That Stud Muffin I Married to find? Maybe he could buy me that phone--(or teach my son how to finish going through puberty?)


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