Saturday, January 12, 2008

Football Fever

I fear for the NFL lately. Living in Packer Country, even the most oblivious person on the planet knows the Packers' win/loss record, the latest injury report and can speak with frightening accuracy about the team's playoff hopes. Folks around here breathe green and gold. Season tickets are more precious than copper or enriched uranium. The headlines and special inserts in our local newspaper cover "The Pack" all season, post-season and pre-season--which amounts to all year round.

This year, however, NFL games have been taking place outside of the usual Sunday-Monday night slots. Even Mr. D (coach of 4 fantasy football league teams) has grumbled about the back-to-back games that go until midnight on a work night. And then he has to deal with the screwy network decisions that result in NO games on our TV. Mr. D is passionate about football--this man spends Sunday in his armchair with laptop on hand to supplement the channels he's watching on the TV.

No one watches the NBA like they did ten years ago because the NBA got selfish and nobody gives a crap about a team playing ball ten months out of the year. It's just not special anymore. Major league baseball has suffered too from its greed with TV networks, broadcasting games at times no reasonable person with a life can watch and pushing the series far into fall. But the NFL is greedy, wants more and will expand more--and right now it is the most popular sport in America. But will America care about football if it's played July through March? Five times a week? Readers, what do you think?

Meanwhile, the beloved Packers are in the playoffs, playing this very afternoon. Our streets will be desolate, stores empty, sledding hills and rec. trails vacant. Every pair of eyes and/or ears trained to the TV or radio to hear whether Brett Favre's team reigns supreme for another week in Wisconsin.

This is NOT Green Girl and Mr. D at a Packer Game.
This is the couple with season tickets in the seats behind us.
(Just to give you a small idea of the madness at Lambeau Field.)


  1. Hey, even this Lions Fan (yes, I can admit it) is cheering for the Packers today.

    Actually, I don't like the Packers, but I don't like Seattle more. Just hope you'll repay the favor and cheer for the Lions when they're playing Minnesota or someone.

  2. Reminding me once again why I do not follow any sports whatsoever.


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