Monday, January 14, 2008

The Fun Never Ends!

Really! We've got snow, a winning football team and 4 tickets for this Sunday's game (to be given to Mr. D's 2 brothers and brother-in-law coming in from The Land of Corn this weekend), The Complete Jane Austen running on Masterpiece Theater (what writers' strike? PBS RULES!). I get to build snow forts and hike and cross country ski with my kids. My bookshelf is fully loaded with good reading and Team Testosterone put in requests for dinners this week which makes my job So Much Easier. AND The Red Smith Sports Awards Banquet is tomorrow night.

Normally I could give a rip about the Red Smith banquet--it's another night out for Mr. D at a table his business buys to sponsor already privileged and entitled people. And the Red Smith thing is full of jocks and professional athletes and 1,990 of the 2,000 people there are men. But this year? I'm not there to see Aaron Kampman or Bob Gibson. 1,999 of the people there will be. Me? I asked Mr. D to bring me along so I can see Frank Deford speak. Frank Deford who I listen to religiously every Wednesday morning on NPR's Morning Edition. Frank Deford who wrote The Old Ball Game and Everybody's All-American. Frank Deford, the senior writer for Sports Illustrated. Frank Deford who writes about every aspect of sports with so much intelligence, passion, wit and insight will be in my town Tuesday night and this year? I'll be 1 of the 10 women there to listen. Lucky me. Lucky, lucky me.

Life is good.


  1. I agree, life is good.

    Most of the time, I totally get what you're saying and understand fully. However, when you talk football, it's like I'm trying to understand a foreign language. :-)

  2. At least your team won!
    Now, we will root for the Pack!

  3. Go Packers, you Cheeseheads! I agree life is good and tonight you get to meet and hear Frank D, too! So what if you'll be one of a vast minority? The better to be seen and heard by The Man. And if you want to ask a question, how much you wanna bet you get called on? Will wait for the followup on your evening out~go have a proverbial ball, football or otherwise!
    Auntie M

  4. Love Frank Deford...he's got a great voice. Have fun.

  5. I saw part of that game...And parts of every other game that day as well.Yes,you guessed it,dear hubby had COMPLETE remote controlitis! The surfing was really rad dude..LOL! Glad your team won!


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