Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Great Expectations

Every muscle so very sore. Except fingers. Which is good because I need to type a little today. Last night I think College Kid Karate Instructor was trying to prove a point. Not exactly sure what the point was, but it involved a lot of torture, including an excessive amount of push ups. This morning I'm moving around the house like an arthritic eighty-year-old. Hoping I will move with more grace tonight when I see Frank Deford. (Frank Deford!)

While the rest of the world I live in discusses the weather forecast for Sunday's game (freezing-ass-cold, for those of you interested) and the rising price of the tickets (upwards of $600), the governor of our state was actually at Mr. D's Place of Business giving a presentation about a new initiative for manufacturing in Wisconsin. Mr. D's business began in a garage 17 years ago. I remember when we'd have the entire company (7) with spouses/significant others over to our house for Christmas parties and cook outs. They've come a long way, baby. The governor! 165 employees!

American Idol takes over the TV again. I don't watch reality TV. I don't like it, I don't find it entertaining. I've never watched Idol or Survivor or Dancing with the Stars like so many people I know and love. Watching people lose weight/compete/parent poorly/eat slugs/fight over single guys/try to get along--well, I get to see plenty of that in real life (yes! even the slug eating!), where the stakes are higher and the situations aren't contrived. I come from an era when prime time TV was meant to entertain and provide escape from the daily interactions of life, not replicate it while using poor saps only too eager to exploit themselves and their lives for fleeting fame. I expect witty, intelligent scripts acted out by skilled and talented actors & actresses. I expect professional grade performances when I switch on the tube. You might well imagine how little television I watch these days. But it leaves me so much more time for other things, like reading or visiting friends or playing board games with Team Testosterone or cross country skiing alone in the moonlight.
Or going to see Frank Deford.


  1. Have a great time tonight!
    I don't really know who Frank DeFord is, but I can tell you are very excited. I am happy for you.
    The Bunster household will watch the first hour of American Idol, because the first show is so bad it's good. Then we will switch over to the 2nd night of Commanche Moon!!
    The Bunster's live life on the cutting edge......or not!

  2. I also want you to have a great time tonight--seeing someone that you admire is always fun!! Watching TV is not fun anymore--I try not to watch people making a fool of themselves...the news programs are enought for me. The Discovery channel in HD is wonderful!! Go Packers!!!

  3. Have fun tonight!!!

    We have ZERO reality TV in our house. Actually, we watch ZERO TV -- it's all DVDs and that's it.

  4. Have fun tonight!!!

    We have ZERO reality TV in our house. Actually, we watch ZERO TV -- it's all DVDs and that's it.

  5. Please kiss Frank for me...on the lips.


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