Saturday, January 5, 2008

Green Girl Becomes a Local Yokel

Main Street, USA--Where Green Girl will try to shop for the next month exclusively
Green Girl has an Achilles Heel in her armor--Target. She enjoys the convenience of getting all her monthly shopping items in one spot--lightbulbs (energy efficient, of course), tampons, toothpaste, underpants, batteries, the random birthday present--Target has it all. But Target is a Big Box Retailer, despite its bright and friendly image, and Big Box Retailers encourage Bad Things like Urban Sprawl and Consumerism and Erosion of the Local Economy.

But our superhero talks a big game when it comes to buying local. She decries chain restaurants and gives gift certificates to the locally owned and operated. She throws business to King's Variety, the local five and dime almost every week. But she still drops a healthy deposit of cash at Target each month. Hypocrite.

Green Girl dislikes hypocrites and unhappily recognizes this flaw in herself. So she has laid down the challenge--no more Target for one month. If she can't buy it at the locally owned and operated hardware store or grocery store or five and dime, she'll just have to do without. Sure, it'll be inconvenient at times--what with bundling Team Testosterone in and out of the minivan at multiple stores. It may cost more money and require more effort. But in the name of keeping more of her consumer dollars in the local economy and investing herself in her community, Green Girl vows to do it. No Target for one month. Stay tuned.


  1. This is going to be very interesting and I'm looking forward to your report in a month. I just don't know if I could give up Tar-zhay for some of those inexpensive basics.

  2. Inspire me, Green Girl, inspire me.

  3. I'm sort of lucky - Target is not around the corner...and I love the smell in our hardware store.


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