Thursday, January 24, 2008

Howdy, Neighbor!

Mr. B: Lover of Humanity & Bringer of Bread and Neighborhood Gossip

While I coached (read: "dragged, threatened and coerced") Mr. T through his homework last night and Mr. G busied himself with dinosaurs, I asked Mr. B if he'd run the extra loaf of banana bread next door. Mr. M lives next door plows out our driveway all winter (all 1/4 mile of it, for those of you who care). We share the driveway and take turns mowing along it in summer and I try to always bring their trash barrels back to their house when I go to get mine (I'm the first person home every day in this Land of Gainfully Employed Citizens). We're both generous with hunting and hiking privileges on our respective properties, but damn it's been COLD out and he's been awfully faithful and nice about the plowing.

Mr. B is a social child. He asks at 9:30 in the morning if it's time for school yet (not until 12:00, sorry, buddy). According to his teacher, his table is always the last one done at snack time because they're a regular coffee klatch with all the talking and joking around that goes on. A classic middle child, Mr. B loves attention and makes friends easily. Asking him to go to the neighbors' is not a chore for him, it's a treat.

We bundled him into the requisite five layers and he headed out. Fifteen minutes later the phone rang. It was Mrs. M thanking me for the bread. Another fifteen minutes and one homework page later I began to wonder where Mr. B was. But perhaps Mr. M had arrived home and was talking to Mr. B. I continued making dinner and coercing Mr. T through writing a paragraph about hamburgers and french fries.

Ten more minutes passed and Mr. V called. The V's live in front of our house.

Mr. V: Do you know that Mr. B is at our house?
Me: No! I thought he was at M's.
Mr. V: Well, he said that he was and then he came over here. He fell in the snow and I helped him empty his boots out. They were pretty full.
Me: Thank you. I didn't know he was making the rounds.
Mr. V: Yeah, I heard a banging on the door and there he was on the back porch. We talked a while and then I told him he better go home before you got worried.
Me: Thanks.
Mr. V: Oh look, he fell down again. (pause) Now he's playing in the snow. I can see him from here.
Me: It's cold out. He'll come home sooner or later. I'll turn on the porch light for him.

Ten minutes later Mr. B arrived home.

Mr. B: Guess what, Mom? I visited the V's and asked how their new baby was. Do you know what she got for Christmas? A Tickle Me Ernie and some other toy...I can't remember. She was sleeping so I didn't get to see her. Mr. V said I can go to the barn with him and see the cows. Mrs. M says thank you for the banana bread. I didn't get to see Mr. M but he likes it too...

And so on.

I just love how he took it upon himself to make the rounds and get all the neighborhood news for us last night. He is one fun kid and it's easy to see why everyone loves him.

In other news, a huge THANK YOU goes out to Kalurah for the Major Award! You're too kind to me, Kalurah.


  1. I would love to give that boy a big hug!! Your neighborhood sound like the old fashion one that looks out for everyone else. It is good to hear we still have a few left in Wisconsin!!

  2. That sounds like a great neighborhood you have. Can I move in? My husband would be real happy about the hunting privileges!

  3. If he were my neighbor, I'd have given him some hot cocoa and marshmallows just for being so cute.

    Then again, if he were my neighbor, then you would be too and that would awesome!

  4. I love this! Our youngest routinely visits his adult friends on the block. Once I went to retrieve him from the house of a childless couple in their late thirties (good folk) only to discover they had ordered pizza and were all watching a movie!!! I was dismissed.


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