Friday, January 4, 2008


I begin this post by saying I've been to Iowa, have in-laws in Iowa, and the people I've met there generally seem like a hardworking, decent, Midwestern sort. That said, WTF happened there yesterday???

On a happy note, all the hot air has blown up from the state of Iowa and into Wisconsin, bringing us temperatures in the 30's and 40's this weekend. Coincidence? Let's see if Maine experiences the same warm front next week.

Obama is so cute and young and eager that I imagine if he's elected, he'll meet with Congress and in turn each senator and representative will reach across and pinch his cheeks and pat his head. "Atta boy!" they'll tell him. "Aren't you just adorable." And then? It'll be business as usual while they ignore him. Sort of like when a little kid enters a room full of grown ups. We all sit back for a moment to look and listen, and then we tire quickly and return to our important talk while the kid quiets down with a toy or cookie. That's just the image that keeps floating in my head.

Caucuses and crazy politicians aside, it's a good weekend to be in the Badger State where the snow has covered the fields and Team Testosterone has new sleds. I've got chicken in the crock pot, the toothpaste scraped out of the upstairs sink and all the thank you notes for Christmas written.


  1. What happened was that people want a change from the do nothing goverment that we have now!! These new faces have a new message that people can have some new hope in this U.S A. I know it is hard to believe anything any of them say, but ones does hope that we can have a change for the better--hope it isn't too late!!

  2. I thought the same thing when I saw the results.

  3. But still? Huckabee? I need a couple of days to forgive Iowa and then I will be better.

  4. Ah, but sometimes a kid with a cookie possesses something essential the rest of us lack? Me, I am wondering how that ole separation of church and state is going to shake down.

  5. I just don't know...I love the IDEA of a grand revolution with new blood in Washington...but can it really happen? Perhaps I'm too cynical. I do know that Obama's people really rallied the Independent and Never Voted Before vote in Iowa, so the result wasn't a total shocker.


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