Monday, January 7, 2008

Is that a swamp monster? No, it's Green Girl's random thoughts lurking nearby.

Hard to tell, it's so darn foggy out. So foggy they delayed the school day. So foggy I can't see the back of the yard. So foggy that my youngest thought the house was flying in the clouds when he looked outside. And now a thunderstorm should come later and wash away the fog and all of our lovely snow. I'm still trying to explain to Mr. B that spring is not here just because the snow is melting.

I set aside the Target flyer in Sunday's paper without looking at it, vowing to stand firm. Then I got in the shower this morning and discovered that Mr. T has used up yet another bottle of my Nexxus shampoo. Thanks to my newfound conviction, I'll pay salon price for another bottle which I'll have to put up high beyond the kid's reach or lock in a closet when I see him heading in my bathroom to clean up. Damn you, Target! I wish I could quit you more easily.

The book any gardener or farmers' market afficianado should read is Blithe Tomato by Mike Madison. Described as "an insider's wry look at farmers' market society," it's funny, informative and well-written. Check it out.

Finally, check out Saucy's phenomenal dollhouse in today's post. It's beyond cool. My Green today is all envy because I can't even own a floor lamp as long as Team Testosterone lives with me.


  1. Mr. T -- a BOY -- uses your salon shampoo?! Please tell me he does so because it's convenient and not because he's that into his hair. ;-)

    Have you read Barbara Kingsolver's book "Animal Vegetable Miracle"? I highly recommend it, especially now that you're a local yokel. I got it from the library but am thinking about actually buying it so that I can have it as a reference, which should tell you how much it impacted my thinking.

  2. I love how the youngest thought that the house was in a cloud..that is thick fog!! Thanks for suggesting the doll house blog-they sure have had fun with the bears and sleigh on the roof.

  3. Stay strong. No Target! That's an order.

    Have you ever read anything my Mary Jane Butter? She's a farmer and I love her books!

  4. OK, PEWF guru, I'll try hard to eradicate as I admit to the untidy habit of using the dreaded 'W' word far too often in my prose, and that's not talking politics, baby.
    But if we WERE to talk about the wannabe-pres candidates, just saw Huckawhaaaa's wife on TV; when she opened her mouth to speak his numbers plummeted, taking all of that hot air away from you and bringing it here to balmy NC where it was 72 today! Check me out, I wouldn't lie to a Green Girl~
    Auntie M


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