Thursday, January 31, 2008

Living the Dream

What girl wouldn't want to live in a house full of cute boys?
They have weapons! And crackers! And a fort made of blankets and chairs!
I feel like Wendy Darling ...

I have grandiose plans for tomorrow's blog, but until I have an hour uninterrupted, I will share this: when I was my 20's or so...I had a fantasy that I might live in a house filled with cute boys. (My libido was healthy for a woman of said age.) The fantasy came true, I have cute boys everywhere I look. And step.

So many cute boys that I try to escape them. But they won't let me.

Today I was free of them for a few hours. Naturally, for those few hours I had to go meet with a client and log in a couple of hours. (I work in the loosest sense of the word "work.") I came home with enough time to do dishes and balance the checkbook before heading out to pick them up and refill my house with cute boys.

Fun facts about cute boys:

* they are loud
* they mostly prefer to play with weapons (the plastic kind at this stage)
* these weapons include rocket launchers, guns, grenades, swords, nunchucks and knives
* I once thought any mother who let her sons play with toy weapons was misguided
* I was the one who was misguided
* cute boys turn Tinker Toys and Legos into weapons
* they also make a wide range of sounds to indicate shooting and exploding
* I should feel safe, defended by all these cute boys
* but they're defending me against imaginary bad guys and monsters
* and sometimes each other
* cute boys also eat a lot
* which requires a lot of work
* and a lot of cleaning up
* this is NOT what I meant when I was in my 20's
* but it's still kind of fun--in its own weird way


  1. And don't forget - they adore you! (as long as you don't take away their weapons)

  2. Little boys appear to be born knowing how to make both blowing up noises and vrooom noises. 9I raised two of them.)

  3. I was righteous about weapons too until my Jedi was born.

  4. I always thought having boys would be fun--in my twenties too! They are pretty fun and a lot more eergetic than girls, from what I've observed. At this point, I am glad I have one daughter that can't quite run yet! Even she makes me tired!

  5. No boy babies in this home, the husband is surrounded by girls, who roll their eyeballs each time he utters a word.
    They don't make vroom, vroom or bang, bang noises - instead they catterwall and do wonderful fish wife impressions.
    Poor husband attempts to encourage them in boyish pursuits - playing with sticks etc - which of course are greeted with more eyeball rolling!


  6. i am 40, childless and unlikely to have kids, and i envy your noise.

    (i'm not complaining. i made choices with good reasons.)

    here's to all you are: woman and mother

  7. AHHH! Sticks,bananas,half eaten sandwiches (and regular toy guns)..All WMDs...Weapons of Moms Destruction. Thank goodness I have now been crowned Princess White Cat(?)and have round the clock protection from the forces of EVEEL!!!..LOL!
    Ya gotta lov'em!


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