Friday, January 18, 2008


Okay, Texas Poppet. I don't know what I've done to deserve such treatment--I've tried to be a good internet friend--leaving comments to you, chuckling at your Canned Laughter, admiring your vintage pictures of housewivery. But you went and tagged me, and I play fair so we go:

  1. Link to the person that tagged you.
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  3. Share six non-important things/habits/quirks about yourself.
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In no particular order, My Six Non-important Things/Habits/Quirks

1. I adore classical music, particularly the strings. I am most partial to the wonderful low voice of the cello which brings me to tears when well played.

2. I think the pro-life movement is the most divisive waste of time, resources and energy that Christians dwell on. As a born again gal myself, it annoys me how many "Christians"refuse to put their effort toward something more Christian-like--fighting poverty, for example, or advocating social justice for those in prison or suffering unfair treatment. Just sayin'.

3. I believe wearing shoes inside people's houses is rude, although I never require my guests to remove their shoes. I've always taken off my shoes indoor since childhood.

4. I sweat. A lot. In all kinds of weather. My obnoxiously high metabolism means that my B.O. can overpower a shanty town of ice fishermen on Lake Michigan. Consequently I have to use prescription-strength antiperspirant. Unfortunately, I didn't clue into this for many years and I use this moment to apologize to those I've offended.
Cosmo and Women's Day and Seventeen never addressed this problem, so I really believed that Secret was strong enough for a man--and for me--until my loving husband indelicately pointed out my problem to me. (ouch.)

5. One of my favorite moments of the day is hugging my children--particularly Mr. B who is a very good cuddler and Mr. G who always smells yummy first thing after waking up. No, I'm not leaving out Mr. T on purpose, he's just never been much for the huggin'.

6. I'll always choose Chinese food over going out for pizza.

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  1. As a fellow sweater, I feel your pain. Mitchum has served me through the years...but their ad about it being strong enough to skip a day? That's crap.

  2. Hey, we take our shoes off in the house too. We lived in Hawaii for several years and you learn right quick to take yo slippahs off at the door....I used to love passing outside the classrooms and seeing all the little shoes lined up outside!

  3. Not sure I understand the "tagged" thing, but I enjoyed the other blogs that were at the end of yours. The "Bread Lady" sure made my mouth water--I do love to make bread, but then one eats it and adds lots of calories. I did enjoy the first two chapters of the short story...want to read the rest of it....

  4. I love that your hubby could tell you (and you could take it). Must be true love :)


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