Tuesday, January 29, 2008

There's a Hare in My Soup!

Today, dear readers, I offer you a multiple choice quiz.

Mr. D arrives home from work one frigid evening last week and finds a large, dead rabbit frozen solid in our driveway.

a) He peels it off the frozen tundra of our driveway and brings it inside, slaps it on the kitchen counter and says, "honey! I've got a taste for rabbit stew tonight!"

b) He hikes to the edge of a nearby field and chucks it far into the tall grass. His family lives on 60 rural acres and that seems like a good depository for dead animals.

c) He hikes to the edge of a nearby field and chucks it far into the tall grass. He shoots rabbits all summer long and does that very thing with their carcasses--he's a "back to nature" kind of guy.

d) He takes the frozen rabbit and puts it in an empty, unused trash barrel in the garage so that a week later, when the temperature rises, the whole family can enjoy the aroma of rotting flesh, amplified by the humidity of melting snow all around.

If you picked d, congratulations! You think just like my darling husband, hunter, environmentalist and a Man's Man who didn't want his feet to get all snowy last week.


  1. Heheheh! I guessed 'D' was the answer!

    Is Mr D - in fact Mr Darcy...we'd forgive him the hare incident if he was!

    The Husband shot a squirrel and buried the body in the compost...two months after there was nothing left....so if I ever disappear - can someone check the compost?

    PS Jo left a book suggestion...

  2. Oh, my. I guess you should have had the rabbit stew instead. My friend's husband cut up a deer in her kitchen. It had been hit by a car, and he hated to see it go to waste.

  3. And so now he gets to haul the stinking rotting corpse out to a field AND scrub out the nasty trash can. Lucky him.

  4. But doesn't it taste like chicken?

    I guessed D too. C'mon, we can all think like a man when necessary. ;-)


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