Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Warm Toes, Target Woes

It's another school-free day in the Northern Tundra. Over 180 districts closed today and we're hunkered down until tomorrow. A bout of insomnia last night kept me thrashing while the wind whipped against our house and Mr. D whiffled and snored gently. I went to the living room to discover that between the hours of 1-3:30 a.m.? There is exactly NOTHING on TV except for infomercials. Even the 24 hour news channels appear to take a break at this time of night.

I'm nearly out of dishwasher detergent, deoderant and Ivory soap. The kid toothpaste I bought at the grocery store wasn't Crest and since has hardened into a cement-like substance on their bathroom countertop, making me wonder what it might do to my children's tummies should they swallow a dollop. I can't quit shopping at Target, try as I might. The megastores have a monopoly on so many products we use and buy. I'll continue to head there once a month, but I have learned that I've been buying a few items I can well do without.

It makes me a little sad that the field of candidates has thinned after yesterday's primary. Yet part of me is resigned to our country's failure to embrace something more different and diverse than the usual two party system. Perhaps the past 7 years have been so terrible that any change is good change, no matter what form it takes. Or perhaps the cold air has sapped my energy to care for a while and when the weather warms up, my passions will rise again. Hard to tell.

But to end on a positive note, radiant heat was a good decision when we built our house. We're plenty warm--so warm in fact that the children gallop about barefoot, their toes toasty on the tile floors. Our heating costs are about half of what a conventional forced air system would have cost and I do enjoy how our air isn't as dry in the house and I rarely have to dust. I'm so glad I talked Mr. D into the extra expense at the time--it has finally begun to pay off this winter.

Mr. G pauses to demonstrate his bare feet. Before begging for a refill
of pretzels and for his Mommy to come play with him.


  1. Love seeing pictures of that cute boy--glad that his toes are warm on this very cold day. I think that Target is a okey store--Walmart is not!! They do not pay their people a living wage and cheap goods is ruining our country.

  2. I love radiant heat - we had it the year we lived in Rhode Island. Now we're back to yucky forced air...

  3. I suppose you will NEVER visit me again after the spider thing,but I will visit you here..LOL. I confess that Walmart is my once a month horror, the closest Target requires interstate driving which I can do but HATE!

  4. Ahhh, radiant heat. Sounds so warm and toasty.

    If you ever want to switch away from conventional toothpaste to organic, I can vouch for Tom's. My girls use it too, with no complaints, nor have their teeth rotted and dropped out of their heads.

  5. I totally relate to being somewhat dependent on the chain stores. As much as I would like, it is hard to not shop there every so often. Just the economics of things at least for me. Lately I have been using castile soap for everything--dishwashing, cleaning the shower, cleaning me, I don't use it as laundry detergent though because it uses too much. Also, I have always used baking soda as toothpaste in a pinch.
    Your little one is so cute!

  6. What a cutie -

    I've given you a blog/happy/award thing...
    click back to me to read about it.

  7. Toasty Toes. The Best.....don't get me crying again about my boy John.


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