Monday, February 18, 2008

20 Things To Do on Snow Day No. 5

The snow came down, the closings scrolled across the TV screen and holy cow, my parents took my sisters and left town!

How do you spend your fifth snow day in a month when it's Monday in the Country? (Mind you, nothing is open and only the major roads have been plowed.)

Why, you:

1) Watch PBS Kids and the video How to Eat Fried Worms.

2) Bake cookies and read stories.
3) Make grilled cheese sandwiches.
4) Bundle up and head outside where the brightness stuns you into squinting and wading knee deep (for me, crotch deep for Mr. G) until you feel too cold and head back inside.

5) Hang up wet clothes all over laundry room.

6) Make hot chocolate. Spike mine with some booze.
7) Force Mr. T to practice his guitar and flash cards (I'd be a terrible home schooling mom).

8) Paint pictures.
9) Play Go Fish, Hi Ho Cherry-O, Sequence and Trouble.
10) Do puzzles.

11) Play ball tag and dodge ball in the basement.
12) Squeeze in laundry, feeding the cat and cleaning the kitchen.
13) Call Mr. D and ask him when he'll come home from The Office.
14) Wonder what to make for dinner.
15) Build enormous walls out of blocks.

16) Ask children what they want for dinner.
17) Decide to skip dinner and plug in the Stir Crazy Corn Popper.
18) Serve popcorn, sliced apples, a side of cheese and another movie.
19) Read more stories.
20) Tuck children into bed and pray for clear roads and open schools tomorrow.


  1. Theoretically, it all sounds fun. Reality, I know, is far different.

    The bricked-up doorway is fun. Too bad you can't actually use mortar on the bricks. :-) (I'm kidding.)

  2. Like Jen, this day sounds laid back and wonderful...until you consider five days inside with Team Testosterone. Hang in there woman.

  3. Gosh that sounds like a lot of stuff to do...

  4. This has been a long winter! Sounds like you kept yourselves busy though.
    I am at the point in the winter where I dread snow days!

    Think spring!


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