Monday, February 4, 2008

Cereal for Dinner?

I filled my home with Super Bowl widows and orphans yesterday--and I was so impressed. Every year I do this and then I spend hours cleaning up the debris left behind by over a dozen children under the age of 10. This year? Clean up took 15 minutes (I won't count vacuuming and mopping my floors because I was going to do that anyway today). The widows sat around guzzling a nice wine and chatting, the children went upstairs and downstairs and played. They were loud, but got along beautifully--boys and girls of all ages. It was like something out of Little House on the Prairie.

I think it's because only one of the children was 2 and the next youngest were 3...just a theory that as they grow older, they're less messy and nasty.

And then they went home and I tucked in my own and set up the VCR to tape Miss Austen Regrets before settling in to watch the second half of the game. A happy night. The Giants won AND our cat returned. (she's been gone since Thursday night when I let her out...every six months or so I think she takes a road trip to visit her relation a few miles up the road...)

Today I'm trying to figure out what to serve my book club this Thursday. We read An Absolute Gentleman, which is about a serial killer. I'm thinking of going with a "cereal" theme but the only recipe I know is Rice Krispie treats. Go ahead, send me your best cereal recipes--I'm heading to the grocery store tonight.


  1. Just came over and caught up on your blog! Yay for From the Frontlines being in your happy blogs as she is my sister and is indeed, very wise and very funn! It is amazing that we did all make it out of that VW bus and into the world intact! Quite an adventure growing up!

    Did you know that Domestically Challenged started a virtual book club? We are reading "Eat, Pray, Love" by Elizabeth Gilbert and it is so good. I can't link, but here is the address:

    And I really enjoyed your comments on blogging, in general. It makes me feel so much better to be able to relate to so many different people. Being a stay-at-home mom now, my world is a lot smaller than it used to be (and much bigger in many ways, too!) and it helps to gain perspective AND no one can see you are sitting in your pajamas or the current state of your home. That said...I'd better get on with my day!

  2. Do you need a full meal or just snacks? For snacks, I can think of Chex Mix and that's about it. You could go to some cereal websites and poke around for recipes.

  3. Add a cup of GrapeNuts (not the flakes) to oatmeal cookie dough. Great crunch!

    And I like the widows and orphans idea! Maybe I'll do that next year...

  4. Jen beat me to the Chex Mix idea. Though I am a huge fan of rice crispy treats! Enjoy your book club.

  5. AHHH Man just give'm Froot Loops..Heck the book was about a serial killer after all..;p

  6. Not sure of the plot line, but what about a cake in a suitable shape - maybe knife shaped with some chopped red jelly for gore....

    You've got me thinking now....for our Eat Pray Love cake.....mmmmm?

  7. At our Super Bowl party, one friend brought Rice Krispie treats that had butterscotch chips melted into the marshmellow stuff and then she had spread the top with melted milk chocolate chips...that part got hard like a Hershey Bar....yummmmm.


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