Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Everyone pretends

Most kids wonder if they've been adopted--they think this when they're angry at their parents. They're not really my parents. My real parents live in a mansion and will find me someday and buy me a pony and video games and Hannah Montana tickets. Until then, I just have to live with these morons.

Mr. G is three and he keeps mentioning "my other mom" and "my other dad." I blush when he does this in public, especially when he speaks of his "other dad" because I think it makes me sound slutty. Mr. G only has one set of parents, we're a boring nuclear family unit.

One day I asked him where his other mom lives.
"In Africa."

Today we were at story hour where the letter of the day was "K." Mr. G pipes up to tell the librarian that "My other mom has a kangaroo." She looked at me with raised eyebrows and the other mothers giggled. A few moments later he volunteered to the librarian that "in our new house we will have a kitten."
"Are you moving to a new house?" the librarian asked. Ummmm, no.

Is three too young to understand the difference between lying and pretending? Why does my son say these things? What kind of thoughts go through that kid's head? Why can't my kid have an imaginary friend like all the other kids instead of an imaginary family?

And speaking of lying and pretending... what is up the federal budget and the folly of tax rebates? Have the Current Occupant and Congress lost their minds (again)? We'll jack up military defense and homeland security while draining the already slim coffers of urban renewal, food stamps and health care coverage for the poor. We'll call on citizens to spend frivolously to bolster our economy while our nation teeters on the brink of bankruptcy and foreclosure because of previous frivolous spending. Why shouldn't the populace spend money like the government does? Why should we be prudent and conservative and thrifty, buying only what we can afford and saving a bit for rainy days and emergencies? Who pretends that these are good Christian values? Family values? Moral values?

I'm voting for a different direction this time around. How about you?


  1. Mine didn't have an invisible friend or additional parents....I suspect mine may be lacking somewhat in the imagination dept?
    At least yours has a spark of creativity...however embarrassing! :-)... and I bet he's fun!

  2. "The Boy" has dozens of imaginary friends with different voices and personalities..Should we schedule an exorcism? :o !

  3. Nice summary of the current economic plan. Spend, spend, spend ye consumer, which is exactly what helped us get into this mess in the first place. Oh, and then we get to spend $ willy nilly on that war while spending on social programs (uh, like shots for poor children) is stagnant or down.

    And . . . three is still okay for fantasy land, in my book. That's not lying, that's exercising one's imaginative muscles, however painful for the parental unit.


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