Thursday, February 14, 2008

Finding Forgiveness

It's hard for me today. I had grand plans. I'd put aside my own interests for the sake of Team Testosterone and today was to be my turn. Cupcakes and cards were ready for delivery at day care, preschool and 3rd grade classrooms. Playdate was arranged for Mr. B's morning shift (reciprocity for the 2 I hosted last week). Mr. D is back after his vacation and should be busy at The Office all day.

I had dreams, readers. Dreams of cross-country skiing, blogging, writing, reading, finishing a project for my boss. I was going to run a carload to the thrift shop without passengers doubting my choices of what I'm getting rid of. I was going to eat leftover Book Club food ALONE.

And then they called a Snow Day.

I am not alone.

I am searching into the crevices of my heart for the means to forgive the bus company and the superintendent who decided to WRECK MY DAY OFF.

Until I can find the grace, I will play Trouble, watch Mary Poppins, prepare snacks and meals for everyone and keep visualizing my Happy Place. (Yes, it involves George and his Italian villa by the sea.)


As a postscript, I am blessed to have such a terrific Book Club. I think it works because we don't all know each other outside of reading the same book. One woman invited people who she knew were readers to unite--a fellow soccer mom, a neighbor, PTA president at the school where she worked, a fellow hockey mom. At the core, we enjoy each other's company, enjoy discussing the books, and look forward to our monthly meeting.

The puppy chow, Chex mix and sour-cream-chocolate cupcakes with cream cheese frosting and sprinkles went over well. As did the Three-Pepper Bruschetta and the cheeses. I found an Erath Pinot Gris that everyone raved about (I'm buying more--my tongue could not reach the bottom of the bottle to get the last drops). We all agreed that the book was chilling and stylistically amazing.

These things make me feel satisfied and happy. I'll add them to the Italian villa.


  1. So are you saying those cupcakes haven't made it to the school?
    Hmmm...If a car going north at 65 miles per hour..driven by a cupcake deprived woman...

    Stay in your happy place it sounds nice there!

  2. I'm sorry your plans were ruined. As a counter point, I would have loved a snow day here. As it happens, it's good my girls aren't home right now, because I just finished a blistering phone tirade that involved the f-word so many times that I can't believe I'll ever make it to heaven at the end of my days.

  3. Am so sorry, your planned day sounded so good! Well...if I were you...I would plan the day again but for tomorrow? Maybe today is a weird day (obviously--it's V-day!)but this morning I poured my first, nectar-of-the-gods, cup of coffee only to find the filter had failed somehow. I think I am going to have to floss now! YUCK.

  4. Ohhhh...and thank you for the book suggestion! I will try to find it! Also, have you read "Eat, Pray, Love" by Elizabeth Gilbert? We are reading that now in virtual book club and it is SOOO immensely good, at least I think. Love for you to join us for comments if you have read the book or to join along in fun:

  5. Bummer. I can relate though, about thinking you have all this time alone and then, pfffft. it disappears.

  6. We had a snow day yesterday, which completely ruined my plans! But we ended up hanging out with neighbors all day and making cookies so it wasn't all bad.

    But still. It's been a long winter!

  7. Book group is a great thing. Mine has been going for (gulp) 9 years now. Leftover book group food is good too!

  8. I'm glad book club was a success. That damn school district. Don't they know you have a life?

  9. We so rarely get snow days that I look forward to them, but NOT on a day where I thought I would be free. That sucks.

    The only thing worse is a snow day with no power.


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