Wednesday, February 20, 2008

A Mother's Pride

1 Batman place mat + 2 brothers who want to eat breakfast on it = Sharing

And Green Girl didn't even suggest it, they came up with this solution all by themselves.

Sniff. I'm very proud.


  1. Aw, don't you love it when they share and get along?

    Those moments make me so happy!

  2. There is hope, then, that they mature a bit as they grow up....

  3. As I've learned in my own house, sibling competitiveness does lead to some very creative moments. They could have just beaten the crud out of each other in an attempt to establish dominance. Instead, they used their brains. A very proud moment indeed. Please tell me how you reached that moment so that I can teach my girls how to negotiate without using violence.

  4. Now, why can't adults learn from this?
    Those two boys are way too cute!

  5. I know what you boys surprise me with this same type of out of the ordinary behavior and it makes me feel like maybe they actually DO like each other! ;)

  6. Green Girl - I have to tell you that I adore your phrase "Team Testosterone" and think of this when my own team lines up: John and the two boys. They are indeed a different bunch than Scarlett and I, who form the Feminine Unit. We have the UTDs Uterine Tracking Devices, and can locate any item the Team loses in its frenzy.

    Sweet picture and moment!


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