Monday, February 25, 2008

Mr. B's Oscar Disappointment

Just as the Red Carpet was winding down, a small skirmish erupted in the tub. Mr. B started crying. "Mr. T squirted water in my eye!" He was tired and distraught, and I was anxious to catch Jon Stewart's opening monologue for the Oscars.

Me: Come here buddy! (Wrap child in towel and hold him on my lap) Watch TV with Mommy. Come watch Jon Stewart with me.

Mr. B: (smiffles and complies)

Me: Look--he's just getting started!

Mr. B: (rubs eyes and squints at TV)

Me: Isn't Jon Stewart funny? Remember him from Elmo and Sesame Street?

Mr. B: (scowls) That's not John Stewart, Mom! You said it was John Stewart. It's not. (leaves room fuming at me)

Me: (stare at TV and wonder why child is adamant that this isn't Jon Stewart) Oh! You thought I meant John Stewart/Green Lantern! Sorry, buddy. He isn't at the Academy Awards this year.

The Real John Stewart AKA Green Lantern

My weekend ended up okay--I actually laughed so hard that my stomach hurt Saturday night. (The Cowgirl Game is even
more fun when you make every round a "Sex/Body Question" round. What do you keep in your trunk? What is your special talent?) In retrospect, I'm glad I sucked it up and went. The yucky thing I didn't feel like talking about to all of my friends is that Mr. D and I went to parent/teacher conferences and the guidance counselor showed up during our conference time to suggest that one of our children repeat a year of school. This took both Mr. D and I completely off guard and I still felt pretty raw Friday night and into Saturday morning. The teacher and the counselor shared a several new pieces of information that I kind of wish they might have let us in on earlier. We've had a fair amount of struggles and we still don't know what the right choice will be for our son--so many variables are involved.

After a couple of days to absorb everything I feel clearer, even though we're not reaching any decisions. Mr. D and I understand the impact of either choice and we appreciate where the suggestion comes from. Now we're going to wait and see, gather data and make
more effort to help the boy.

Thank you all for your bloggy support and concern. The comments you shared were a huge boost for me when I needed it.


  1. Good luck to you in whatever decision you make.

    I thought John Stewart was pretty good last night!

  2. Our youngest is in the same boat. If he doesn't do well on his CRCT, he gets to stay in middle school another year while everybody else goes to high school. Gotta love that No Child Left Behind. Notsomuch.

    Wish I'd held both my boys back now, but hindsight is 20/20. They were driving me nuts and I wanted them at school all day.

  3. Fun and concern in this post. Green Girl, the matron gives advice: push rather than pull when it comes to learning.

    Second piece of advice: you know your kid better than any expert. Follow your gut.

    Ignore advice that doesn't feel right in your BODY.

  4. I'm with Minnesota Matron, go with what feels right to you. You know your boy better than anyone else and what will be best for him.

    Mom on the Run: I hate NCLB. Good in theory; wretched in reality.

  5. You know your son best, so no doubt you will be able to make the best choice for him. And, either way, it won't be perfect. Things rarely are.

  6. GG, you amaze me. After being away for a week I catch up on your blog to find you've endured: 1 too-long dysfunctional family visit, too many snow days to count, news on your boy out of left field,and a weekend away where faking turned to some good therapy.
    Your boy will survive whichever you decide to do, but you will make the right decision for him because you know him, know his capabilities, and are smart enough to put your own feelings aside to do what you feel is the right thing for him. So don't fret, take it all in, research away and then make an informed decision. Hey, I never thought leaving school and getting a GED would be the best thing for my son, but it turned out to be exactly what he needed at the time! Think outside the box and stay cool.

  7. Oof, that's a kick in the teeth. Or something.
    You have months to decide...breathe and think.

  8. Eh, crud on the conference. :-( Sorry to hear about that.

  9. Just back from being away - and really sad to find you feeling like you're in a pickle.

    Mary Alice was right in her comment (last post) but then again she always is!

    As for your pride and boy, follow your heart - you are the one who knows him best.
    Take care of yourself

    looking forward to seeing you as caped eco crusader - can I have an honorary cape?


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