Monday, February 11, 2008

Mr. Darcy (sigh)

Mr. D is not Mr. Darcy. Mr. Darcy would not call Mrs. Darcy from his golf trip in Arizona and say, "It was 78 degrees today and last night we had steaks and drinks on a patio outside," when Mrs. Darcy is up to her armpits in children and snow and -30 degree wind chill.

Which is precisely why last night was special for me.

Under normal circumstances, a man with mutton chops and tight white breeches doesn't send my heart racing. Quite honestly, if a man wearing mutton chops and tight white breeches were to approach me, I'd reach for my pepper spray. But Mr. Colin Firth? I salivate at the sight of his mutton chops and his thick curly hair. I get all drooly when I look at his soulful, brooding dark eyes. My knees turn to orange marmalade.

No finer Valentine could be had than Mr. Darcy--strolling the grounds of his Pemberley estate, saying things like, "You must allow me to tell you how ardently I admire and love you."

I believe the charm of Mr. Darcy (dashing good looks aside for the moment) is that he loves a woman for more than just her charms and beauty. He is one of few literary heroes who loses his heart to a woman for her intelligence, wit, spirit and independence. Mr. Darcy is the thinking woman's hero.

Mr. D can stay in Arizona, basking in the sun, hitting golf balls for another week for all I care. Cups of tea from Whittard of Chelsea and Mr. Darcy will keep my homefires burning sufficiently warm.


  1. Let's just say mutton chops never looked so good, and while we're going there, any man who loves a woman for her intelligence and wit is a keeper in my heart!

    After seeing your ski snaps I guess I shouldn't tell you that our first bulb came up this week, although it's still cool and windy in the 50's. That's + for those of you who live in the - zone. And the pups have been in the river--twice.

    As for your Martha Stewart skills, let's see those cupcakes when they're done, GiGi. I'm betting they taste a whole lotta better than Miss M's.

  2. Mutton chops and Jello! What a perfect Monday menu we have...LOL!!! And Mr. Darcy ain't bad either!

  3. You are preaching the the CF choir...yeah, baby.

  4. I love Jane and all she wrote....but really, I am afraid I might giggle just a little bit if someone actually said "You must allow me to tell you how ardently I admire and love you." to me.

  5. I have this version on DVD and love love love it. And Colin Firth, mutton chops and breaches and all.

    Since I live in Arizona (where it was in the 70s today), I feel guilty commenting. But I assure you I did not play golf or have steaks and drinks on a patio. Though there's no snow, I was also up to my armpits in children.

    Thank you so much for stopping by my blog! Yours is great, and I'll definitely be back.

  6. Colin Firth...yum, yum!
    I watched this again the other day - he is smouldering and gorgeous!
    Have you discovered Rupert Penry Jones? Mmmmm!

  7. Mary Alice, I think I would giggle no matter what Colin Firth said to me...


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