Friday, February 8, 2008

Older AND Wiser

Those of us who are a certain (ahem) age do notice when old trends are brought back as "new." Bell bottoms? Are flared jeans. Leggings? We did that in the 80's already. The new cropped pants? They're just the clam diggers my mother wore in the 60's. Selling John Krasinski as a hottie? Doesn't work because I didn't buy Chevy Chase as a hottie either. (Funny, but not hot.)

Am I the only one noticing the strong similarity here?

What "new trends" aren't you buying these days?


  1. I don't know who John Krasinski is, sorry, but I'll certainly go along with yout theory based on those pictures.

    Re the water issue, sure, feel free to use the visualisation, it was very resonant for the girls. Here's the source for the stats if you want some more info:

  2. What I wouldn't give for leggings to be new again...pedal pushers, too...

  3. John Krasinski who?

    He doesn't do it for me!
    Here, people go crazy for Johnny Depp - I don't get that either - is there something wrong with me?

    I like the current trend for all things forties - so chic, I can't do leggings - too scary when a large bottom is incased within!

  4. He's cute-ish, but definitely not Matt Damon or Brad Pitt or George Clooney or Johnny Depp ...

    I'm not loving the skinny pants trend these days.

  5. Ugh, those skinny pants/jeans. No way. Did that in the 80's.
    I think the rule is that if you're old enough to have worn it the first time around, you shouldn't be wearing it when it comes back into style.

  6. I would have to agree with Life as I Know It....skinny leg pants are not something that will be making an appearance in my closet.

  7. Everything old is new again?..Recycle?..Waste not want not?..What goes around comes around?..Or is it comes around goes around?..AWWW Crap people "they" are just hoping our kids will latch onto it and make us buy it again."They " have run out of ideas,scrapin the bottom of the barrel,the well has run dry....ROFLMAO!!!

  8. I'll take Mr. Krasinski! He's on my list.

    *thanks for visiting my blog!


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