Thursday, February 21, 2008

Pork chops and applesauce

I'd gladly cook dinner for Peter Brady. But I'd layer sliced apples and onions atop my butterfly chops and serve them up with a side order of corn bread and steamed green beans.

I've made casserole and pot roast this week for supper and we have leftovers of the casserole and some spaghetti. For dinner Mr. D has asked me to make a disgusting pork chop thingy. He comes from a heritage of cream soups, Velveeta cheese, canned vegetables, deep frying and basting foods with bacon grease. (No kidding. His mother still keeps a jar of bacon grease under her sink.)

For supper tonight he wants me to "Brown the pork chops in a frying pan so they're brown. (um, duh, honey) Then put them in the crock pot with two cans of cream of mushroom soup and a can of peas. Mmmmmm." (This is when he rubs his hands together and rolls his eyes with delight.)

I. Will. Not. Buy. Canned. Peas.

Cream of mushroom soup is just as gross.

Why the hell would I use a frying pan AND a crock pot? And have to wash up both when supper's done?

Thank God for leftovers. Just imagining the smell of that creammushroomsoupcannedpeasporkchops makes me feel queasy.

And the fact that I'm mad at Mr. D makes it even easier to not cook this meal.


  1. Your last three blogs have been so much fun!!! I loved seeing those boys eating on the same placemat--with out you having to figure that out for them...never have seen that before in all of my parent and grandparent days. Now, the pork chop thing is really funny--we do remember things from our childhood that were good at the time, but not now. My Mother was a "bad" cook, but I didn't know it until I tasted my Mother-in-laws cooking--she was good!! I'm sure the pork chops you made were wonderful!! I also agree about the voting thing--why don't people vote? We should have at least 75% of the people making the choice.

  2. That pork chop surprise sounds delicious, though I would use frozen peas.

  3. That's my husband's favorite meal minus the peas. We have to have creamed corned with the conconction. In fact, we had that same dinner Sunday night!

  4. Yep, that pork chop recipe sounds narsty. Stand firm on this and don't waver.

  5. That sounds HOORRRIBLE.

    How about pork chops, a beer, diced tomatoes and some kraut in the crockpot? No browning neccessary. duh.

  6. Comfort food is comfort food - make him happy. (But get him to do the dishes)

    One of my favorite food memories (ready?) - creamed tunafish - cream of mushroom soup and sauteed onions with tuna - that's right, canned tuna - over rice. But I've never tried making it, because my oldest is allergic to dairy.

  7. Patui! Ack! Ack! I'm with you one hundred percent on this one. Making this mess for him would NOT be a kindness. Now chops with apple, onion and a little calvados apple brandy... mmmmmmm.

  8. Neither canned peas, nor cream of mushroom soup live in this house. DOTR's mother was/is a horrific cook, however I'm lucky that he realizes it. Sadly, he won't eat my delicious versions of some of her menu items, so my children are tuna and noodle deprived.

  9. Oh geez, I am simply ROLLING!!!

    Just yesterday hubby and I got stuck on the "pohk schops and appleshosh" thing. Had to explain to the kids about where it came from and giggled our heads off. They looked at us as if we were aliens from another planet.

    Now I don't feel so stupid. LOL


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