Thursday, February 7, 2008

Why Children Don't Drive

While skiing through the woods yesterday I saw oak leaves hanging out in the snow:

A person could feel lost in the Back 40 when it looks like this in every direction:


In the minivan en route to guitar lessons yesterday after school:

Mr. T: Mom, when can I drive?
Me: When you're sixteen you can start learning how to drive.

Mr. T: How do you learn?
Me: Well, you take a class called driver's education and then you have to log hours actually driving with a grown up and then you take a test. There's a written test and a driving test. Then if you pass, you get a license.

Mr. T: I can't wait until I'm sixteen. I'm going to get a big truck.
Me: (nod, understanding that a teenaged boy would not want to drive a mommyvan)

Mr. T: And I'm going to put a bunch of snacks in here (gestures to glove compartment) so I can always have stuff to eat. I'll have drinks, too.
Me: That's a good idea.

Mr. T: And I'm going to have a TV in my truck. Then I can watch TV whenever I want. I might just live in my truck.
Me: (silent because I had no words)


In other breaking news, I will serve my book club Chex Mix and Puppy Chow (thanks everyone for reminding me of 2 other classic cereal recipes!) and Rice Krispie treats Mary Alice-style. And of course good things like cheese and grapes and bruschetta and wine. The coup de gras will be Valentine cupcakes (bought sprinkles today--will post picture to show you how my attempt at crafty/Martha Stewarty party planning turns out). Sadly, this won't happen until next Wednesday because I realized I forgot to flip the calendar to February and I was planning for January's book club date. Domestically Challenged, I love the idea of a bloody dagger, but my culinary gifts are kind of limited. It did inspire, however!


Seeds. So glad you asked. Some of you posted in the comments some great resources. I'll cover Seed Catalogs I Love (and a couple I hate) for your edification next week.


Half of our bedroom looks like this all week:

Because apparently if your spouse is going on a golf trip, every single thing must be laid out for complete and thorough examination before going into a duffel bag four days later...
(That or he's trying to help me not miss him so much.)


  1. Post a warning so we can all stay off the road when the big TV truck driver gets his LC.

    Ohh...and the bedroom? You try living with someone and his deployment bags. How many pairs of combat boots do they think one person could wear?

  2. I'm with Mary Alice, post a warning for the rest of us. On the bright rent.

    Have a great book club!

  3. Really? He lays out his clothes and other gear in advance? Is he a girl?

  4. LOVE THE SNOW! I feel very cheated...we haven't had any this winter.

    Feeling hungry just thinking about your cakes - yum,yum. What is your next book?

    As for the husband - I think he and your son are just 'planners'....whether it's trucks or trips...they are good boy scouts - prepared!

    Mind you - the bedroom would look more zen like without the 'stuff'!
    Great room, v envious of carpet...this pile has bright red carpet blurrrgh!

  5. I love kids. I felt the same way when I was little!


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