Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Book Talk--Team Testosterone Recommends

Books. We love them. They're in every room of our house. No kidding. And we supplement our stash with frequent borrowing from the public library down the road. Our weekly visit to Mrs. VH's story hour (she has the best songs and stories--and great enthusiasm for all kids) bags us free books and movies for a week or longer.

The better kept secret, however, is the nonfiction in the children's department. Team Testosterone loves a good story, but sometimes they prefer just the facts, ma'am. Children's nonfiction has come a long, long way since Green Girl was trolling the stacks at the Thermopolis Public Library, checking out biographies about Annie Oakley, Florence Nightengale and Clara Barton. But like their mother, Team Testosterone is partial to history. This year's recommendations include:
This excellent book about the origins of baseball by Sally Cook & James Charlton.

And this book by John Malam, published by the Salariya book company
The "You wouldn't want to be a" series includes Roman Gladiator, Viking Explorer, Slave in Ancient Greece, Egyptian Mummy and Pirate. Hysterical, full of gory facts to delight any girl or boy, and history told from a more humble perspective than covered in most history books at school.

When we're not reading about history, we like to toss in some grammar lessons:
What happens when an apostrophe goes too far...by Jan Carr.

And the danger of letting all punctuation take a day off, by Robin Pulver.

What terrific nonfiction have your kids enjoyed lately?

P.S. Yes, the yoga pants are actually by a company called Horny Toad, sold by Title Nine. And yes, Suburban Correspondent, you are right--they improve on being naked because then your thighs don't rub together when you wear them--always preferable.


  1. "Punctuation Takes a Vacation" is so funny. We also really like the Eyewitness series by DK Publishing.

  2. We love the "You Wouldn't Want To..." series!

  3. There's a new book at our library that shows children around the world going to school. Can't remember the title but I think it's a DK or Usborne book. Real kids from all over and what their school day is like. I thought it was pretty interesting.

    I also love the Things to Make and Do books. I think those are Usborne, as well.

  4. Mine liked "You wouldn't want to..."

    No 2 is very fond of "Eats shoots and leaves"...(the childrens version) it has really sweet drawings too.

  5. I love browsing through the Title Nine catalog, but always had to spend my $ on work clothes.

    Now that I work from home.....hmmmmm.

  6. We like kids nonfiction too. We're kind of stuck on space books right now though...

  7. I'll have to check out (no pun) the "You Wouldn't Want to" series.

  8. We just started reading the "You Wouldn't Want To..." series! We are also working on the "Dragon Slayers Academy" series(by Kate McMullan)as well. WHEEEEE!!!

  9. We love "Punctuation Takes a Vacation". Probably because of the obnoxious way I read it!


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