Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Brought to you today by the Letter O

Oh! That's the sound of me sitting up all week. Monday night, Mr. O (Evil Kung-Fu College Kid Karate Instructor) made us work on our abs. Oh! Ohohohohoh. My entire midsection hurts. Mr. O is inventive and obnoxious in his torture. I'll carry the memory of that odious class all week long. (Why, Mr. O? Why do you torture us so?)

Orange juice. We're Out. (I had to remind myself of that.)

October--it's official--we're headed to Disney World in Orlando for our outstanding family vacation. (Picking the dates was the biggest obstacle.)

I'm optimistic today that Mr. T will survive a half-day of school. Since homework is not optional, I've omitted a lot from our ordinary schedule to accomodate home tutorial sessions.

I have to organize a baby sitter, PTA meeting, book club transportation, a shopping trip for Easter basket treats, laundry and a website. Perhaps I ought to sleep less.

I mentioned the balmy weather--I want to get outside. And open windows to let fresh oxygen oust the winter germs from my house.
In my quest for clothes that don't look ordinary and offer comfort and extreme wearability, I've browsed many on-line catalogs. (Why are clothes ugly, ill-fitting, old-looking or too expensive?) Last night Mr. D brought in the mail and there was a catalog from Title Nine. Oh! I ordered. Oh, I'm so pleased! (Mr. D will be of a different opinion.)

So sorry, I've had to activate the comment moderator. Can you believe some S.O.B. ogre sent spam to my comments yesterday? Once I'm rid of him, I'll switch it off.


  1. That's why I'm glad my sister and I are both the same size. We borrow each others clothes. So it multiplies my wardrobe by two. :)

  2. Oh my, that's quite a lot of O's. You must have had fun with the bold button.

  3. This is strangely similar to my "B List" of last week.

  4. HellO! Thanks for stOpping by.

    Orlando is lOts of fun--Wild Kingdom made me a little claustrophobic though.


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