Monday, March 24, 2008

Melonomics & Shopping

Three stores visited and no new rubber boots for three boys. Add in a mommy who hates to shop and her complete disgust with big box retailers who push bikinis and garden supplies on Wisconsin in January and have 4 pairs of uninsulated rubber rain boots (3 pink, 1 camo) on clearance in March when the temps are still in the 30's and the snow has just begun to melt and you have the recipe for a breakdown.

Thank God for the Internet. And the UPS guy. Click. Click. Clickity-click. We'll have 3 pairs of rubber rain boots in the sizes and colors of our preference and it took 5 minutes. As opposed to the hour spent fruitlessly driving around town. According to my math, the $15 I'd have saved buying the boots at a big box were spent on my time and gas (my time shopping is worth $10 an hour--it's what I'd pay a babysitter per hour and I had all 3 with me) so spending $15 more for exactly what I need and want is a really good deal. Melonomics, people.

The UPS guy also brought my Title Nine order on Friday (and consequently brought sunshine and joy to my day). My new Horny Toad yoga pants are so comfortable that I wore them all weekend, taking them off only to sleep and to go to church. Guess what I'm wearing again this morning? They're so comfy that it's like I'm naked. Seriously. That comfortable. I love them. And according to Melonomics, they've cost me $7 a day so far--I predict I'll owe Horny Toad for the pleasure of wearing these pants at the rate I'm wearing them.

Regarding my Zum soap from Indigo Wild:

Mr. D: What's up with that new soap? Where did you get it?
Me: Why? Do you like it?
Mr. D: (expletive) it looks like a hunk of meatloaf sitting in the shower.
Me: It's Patchouli. I love it.
Mr. D: (grumbling) It looks like meatloaf. How much did that cost?
Me: (heading upstairs under the premise of important errand) A thousand dollars.

Methinks Mr. D is not a Zum convert. Yet. But what makes me happy, makes him happy by default. And by applying Melonomics to the equation, he soon learns that the soap was a bargain. (It's tricky math here, so bear with me.) Cost of Zum order: $37.50. Enough soap, lip balm and hand cream to last through the summer. Cost of hair coloring, which I don't do: $60/month. See? The soap was a bargain!

P.S. Tootsie Farklepants has an awesome post on playdates today. Go check it out! It's an excellent offshoot of the idle parenting conversation Suburban Correspondent has started (in my head, anyway...).


  1. I like your Melonomics. (And Jenonomics just doesn't work as a word -- sounds too much like "gin and tonics.")

    I really hate shopping, especially for clothes, so I tend to go the online route most of the time, especially for things like rain boots, coats, etc. I just show my girls their options on the computer and then hand over my credit card number.

  2. Excellent logic. I use it all the time.

    And I want rubber boots. I do.

  3. One would hope that they would be more comfortable than being naked. I don't know about you, but I definitely have that thighs-sticking-together issue here.

  4. I use Melonomics ALL THE TIME. I am always spending the money I don't use to have my hair colored!

  5. Melenomics works for me. I'm going to have to check out the Zum soap. Are they really called Horny Toad yoga pants?

  6. Makes perfect sense. There's nothing I loathe more than dragging the kids around shopping.
    I end up doing a lot of internet shopping.

  7. I like Melonomics, too. It all makes sense.

    I'm going to have to check out those pants

  8. Thanks for the linky-love today! Tomorrow I will discuss my hair.


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