Thursday, March 13, 2008


Last night's PTA meeting was a mix of good and bad. Bad: the treasurer wants to resign and she's quite wonderful. I'll miss her. Good: the sock hop went well and we made money. Bad: I have to re-explain to the principal why we have to allow parents to pick up their Avon products at P/T conferences. Bad: I have to re-explain for the 3rd time. Good: The Brain Bowl went very, very well. Bad: a few greedy teachers make it very hard to be consistently generous. Yes, I understand that a Teacher Wish List is exactly that, but if you keep listing hundreds of dollars worth of "Wishes" and other teachers are more conservative, well, you will be the last priority when we go around granting wishes. Bad: And to the teacher who wants us to buy her a mini-fridge for her room? Yeah, what-ever. Good: the power point presentation developed by one mom to pitch our need for a new playground looked great. Bad: it was full of typos and she was offended when we pointed them out. Bad: a lot of typos.


Mr. T survived a half day of school yesterday and will go all day today. He has a load of homework and I just want to shout, "Screw it, buddy! If you repeat 3rd grade, you'll just have to do it next year, so screw it!"

Math is particularly hard for him. Why do they give kids worksheets with 50 problems on them like this:
1. 3 x 56 = 2. 5 x 98 = 3. 5 x 75 = ????

When I was in school learning multiplication, we did it vertically
1. 3
x 56

so that we could show our work. I wrote a bitchy note at the bottom of the worksheet and retyped the ENTIRE page so it was vertical. And you know what? Mr. T got the work done in a fraction of the usual time. Huh.

I have to update my coffee klatch to include some cool new bloggers I've been lurking around. Like The Queen Mother and Thursday Drive and Life as I Know it.

Flattery is the sincerest form of imitation and I have to give credit where it is due. Little Miss Sunshine State has done an alphabet post. (I love the alphabet--and Sesame Street!) Do check out Miss Sunshine's blog!

My monthly peer-editing meeting with another writer went really well yesterday. Her novel is coming along so nicely and we both gave and received a healthy mix of advice and encouragement. She had good things to say about the script I'm working on and I'm revved up to complete it now. It's truly serendipitous that we met and connected and get to work together.

Our girl's basketball team is playing in the state tournament this weekend. Very exciting. Also makes getting a babysitter for Friday night bowling a real challenge.
Go Irish!

I'm going to buy prairie seed this afternoon. Five acres' worth. Very exciting!
Tonight is book club and we'll discuss Away by Amy Bloom. I have very mixed feelings about it so I'm interested in what everyone else thought.


  1. Prairie seed? Please explain.

    So much of teaching math is in how it is presented. I can't believe they sent home worksheets like that! As a homeschooler, I love A Beka's elementary math workbooks - bright, colorful, non-threatening. If you want to go over math with your son at home, they are the way to go.

  2. Thank you for the mention! I will check out the others you named, also.

    I like the PTA rundown.
    That math worksheet is just crazy. How does that even teach how to do multiplication? You have to do it vertically.

  3. Thanks for the great links. Go Irish!

    Also, fifty problems? That's overwhelming!

  4. Thanks for the shout-out! I loved your "O" post.
    Of course now everyone will be aware of my "touch of OCD". Some of my old posts actually include the critter counts on road trips!

  5. Homework makes me crazy. I'm glad you took the steps you did.

    I'm also glad the boy is back on his way to good health.

  6. Wow, you've been busy!

    I hope that taught the Maths teacher not to mess with Green Girl!

  7. I haven't even heard of that book but now I'm curious. . and thanks for turning me onto some new blogs, although heaven only knows that I need MORE blogs to read! I love my current ones and there's never enough time.

    Love prairies, too!! We live in a neighborhood where they city took the green landscaped regional park and made it all prairie. Lots of fighting about that one but I love it!

  8. I can't believe a teacher asked for a mini-fridge, what has she been drinking? (And what does she clearly want to drink in the privacy of her classroom!)


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