Monday, March 17, 2008

Monday's Musings

On St. Patrick's Day...

* I feel sad that the Irish (our girls' varsity basketball team) took a second in state this weekend. They played tough defense, but couldn't shoot their way out of a paper bag.

* I'm thirsty for a proper beer. Not the Mississippi sewer water that passes for beer in our country, but a delicious and nutritious Guinness. Did you know a pint of Guinness has vitamins and fewer calories than a Bud Light? Not that I need more reasons to drink a Guinness or two, but for even more reasons, check out today's post on Eco Women: Protectors of the Planet.

* It's uplifting to hear birds chirping and singing and going about their nest-building business when I head outside. A sure sign that spring is around the corner (and down the road a few miles, if you live this far north).

* Thank God that Team Testosterone is healthy, hale and raising hell. The fights I refereed all weekend means we're back to normal! (My headache is nothing compared to pneumonia, ear infections and croup.)

* I feel trepidation because baseball season starts today which means the end of Mr. D around here. (Clemson Girl, I know it's nothing like being married to a college coach, but trust me, even the high school baseball schedule takes its toll.)

* Isn't the story of David Paterson inspiring? I'm glad to see the media covering this feel-good story instead of dwelling in the muck that involves Governor Paterson's predecessor.


  1. It sounds like all is right in your world!

    Happy St. Pat's!


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