Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Tired Tuesday

I must remember to get some Tylenol PM--these regular bouts of insomnia really kick a girl's ass by the end of the day. I had such high hopes for last night...I pulled off the flannel sheets yesterday and replaced them with cotton. I adore my cotton sheets--they're 400 count, soft and cool on my feet when I crawl into bed at night and they stay cool. My freakishly high metabolism means that sleeping is akin to working out. I radiate heat in my sleep. It's not unusual for me to wake up sweating. This is not menopausal sweating, I'm certain of this because the waking up in a pool of sweat has been going on my entire life. Two of my sons do the same thing.

Mr. D crabbed when he saw the flannel sheets gone last night--he requires an extra blanket (atop the winter sheet-blanket-quilt-combo) on his side of the bed. I've been just fine with even the quilt kicked off.
I guess you could say that we run hot and cold as a couple. Heh.

We're slumber opposites in a lot of ways--I prefer white noise and used to sleep with a fan running until we married (because it's all about compromise and concessions). I can only sleep in a perfectly dark room. Even the dim light from the digital alarm clock keeps me up. I stack books in front of it. I love a firm mattress (does that make my sleep number "10" or "1"? Anyone?) while Mr. D likes sinking into a squishy bed.

I keep a glass of water by the bed in case I wake up thirsty. If I drink it, I'll wake up again to pee. I've got "restless leg syndrome" which means I keep thin slices of soap between the sheet and the mattress. Don't ask me why, it just works.

With all my picky prerequisites, it's no wonder that I can't sleep at night. Sheesh.

The crappy part is that by 3:00 when Mr. T and Mr. B come home from school and the 2nd shift starts (homework, guitar, dinner prep, referee duties) I'll be dragging and dying to head back to bed. My second wind will come around 9:00 when it's actually time to go to bed so I'll stay up until 11:00 waiting to get tired enough to fall asleep. Sigh.


  1. Oh, boy, if I were you, I'd take a nice nap before the boys come home from school. I must be narcoleptic - I am always nap-ready.

  2. I'm glad you do this too - I no-longer feel weird!

    I like cold feet and head
    fresh air, even when it's minus 7 outside
    water (have to cover to prevent cat drinking it)
    I too wake at 9pm but have terrible low battery at 5pm...hence the gin!

    I hate the husband's jumpy leg..
    So please will you let me in on the soap solution?

  3. PS

    The bed is really beautiful.....would you call that colonial.....gorgeous.

  4. Ugh, insomnia is terrible. Terrible! Hope you find some sleep soon.
    I just took our flannel sheets off our bed this week too.

  5. Your room looks like mine.
    This pleases me.

  6. We have the Sleep Number bed. That puppy goes from 1 to 100. Currently hubby and I are both comfortable at about 45.

  7. Hamlet:
    "To sleep, perchance to dream-
    ay, there's the rub."
    Hamlet (III, i, 65-68)

    Aw heck! Perchance to sleep is all I'm sayin! That 3:00 pm low battery truly sucks! Tylenol PM you say?

    Soap between the sheets for the restless,twitchy,jumpy leg thingy?
    Tell me more!

  8. that bed looks so inviting - i hope u get some good sleep and rest! happy easter


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