Friday, April 25, 2008

The Baseball Bubble

Obsessions. We all have them in varying degrees. Mr. G loves all things Batman--Batman vidoes, Batman action figures, wearing a Batman cape and mask. My friend M has a thing for mysteries--she devours mystery novels of every genre and watches an array of crime TV shows. Mr. D has baseball.

Living with Mr. D during baseball season is like playing the same song over and over again. Everything comes back to baseball--the lineup, the pitching order, who lost and who won and how that affects the conference standings.

Me: I'm glad the weather is supposed to be nice--I want to get that back garden cleaned out this weekend.

Mr. D: If we can just get a big win tonight, that'll be huge. Then next week when we play FVL we can pitch our number two ....

Me: What time is your mom coming to town Friday?

Mr. D: Can you believe RH is batting .500 in conference? That's incredible!

Me: Why don't you come to bed early? (suggestive wink)

Mr. D: (turns on computer) Do you think they'll have tonight's scores posted yet?

Yes, I know I should have asked him if he wanted to go to third base with me. But I'm slow that way.

Life with the coach is a broken record. I call it the Baseball Bubble. He's oblivious to anything beyond the team. Last night I dropped off Mr. T for his bat boy gig and then took Mr. B to his karate graduation. We returned home later and immediately learned of the team's win. After appropriate attention to that, I told Mr. B to show his dad his new orange belt.

Mr. D: You had graduation tonight?

Mr. D lives in the Baseball Bubble. It'll be another month or so before it pops and the rest of the world comes back into focus. I'm thankful that it's a harmless obsession and this helps keep my annoyance at bay.


On the subject of the raspberry canes. I cut off the old growth and hoed up the earth between the rows to pull weeds and loosen up the soil. I didn't have to split up canes this year, but probably next I will thin them out--that's a job every 3 years or so. I mulched well with straw to keep back weeds and keep in moisture since I don't water the raspberry patch. Division is best done in the fall.
And yes, Jen. I am the bionic woman. The blistered bionic woman, that is.


  1. GG,your Baseball Bubble coincides with the Rat Race at mine: Speed channel on far too much, IRL, Indy, Nascar, etc. Fortunately, it's merely a spectator sport at our house; Doc doesn't have to go anywhere to participate, although he has been to a few Nascar races in his time.) It's qualifying on Friday, practice or races Sat, big races Sunday. Oh, and the ones that start at 2AM our time because they're in places like Bahrain or Buenos Aires? No problem, just DVR them~
    Thank goodness Jane Austen is finished on PBS; I will watch "Wire in the Blood" in the bedroom Sunday~

  2. Okay, so I have no idea what Raspberry canes are, but it sounds impressive.

    I compete with the internet in my home. He wants to read the ENTIRE internet. Seriously.

  3. Thanks for the cane tips!

    Can't believe he ignored the suggestive wink!

    Have a jolly weekend!

  4. Yeah, I've got one of those too. There is also a football bubble. I may take a bb gun to it.

  5. It sounds like your husband's obsession with baseball is similar to my husband's with amusement parks.

  6. That is precisely my man but with hockey--he is mad for it! Literally, he gets mad if his team doesn't do well! I just can't relate although I do like to watch it now, too. Something about all that testosterone moving about! Quite exciting!

  7. The Baseball Bubble is a great term for it!

  8. I thought I replied to this, but maybe I just dreamed it.

    The baseball bubble is alive and well at our house, too. And DOTR isn't even an official coach this year. Until after Memorial Day anyway. Oy!


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