Monday, April 28, 2008

Read Here, Link There

When it's 37 degrees and blowing snow, well, the brain freezes up a little. And I had one of those weekends where we were busy but I got very little accomplished. For those reasons I offer up this Super Lame post.

* Vote for Middle. Please. Why? Because his mother is so cool.

* Read Jen's awesome post on Eco Women: Protectors of the Planet. She has a point and I've been mulling these very issues over in my mind lately.

* I purchased, hauled and helped spread over 260 pounds of worm castings on Friday and Sunday. Now I need to head back to the farm to collect more for my gardens. My children are enchanted by the massive amount of worm poop we use for the yard and gardens.

* While at the farm I met a woman who makes her own shopping bags out of old feed & seed bags. The one she had was gorgeous--a deep blue with pictures of chickens and corn, but she had none to sell me that day. I hope to find her next month at the farmer's market so I can buy out her entire inventory for gifts and for me.

* Mr. T finally received his black belt and his demonstration on Saturday night impressed me beyond my expectations. They weren't low expectations, but we've all sat (read: Suffered) through our children's performances. I did not suffer. I have re-viewed my videotape of it several times since because he did such a great job. If I knew how to post it, I would.

* I have a lot of sand left in my driveway and the sandbox is overflowing. If I could get the trailer out of the Back 40 where it sits entrenched in mud I'd fill it and bring the extra sand over to the elementary school for their sandboxes. I wish it would dry out so I could.

* I have 1,900 tree seedlings to pick up on Thursday. Again there's this mud issue really hampering the planting of 1,900 tree seedlings.

* I finished The Diary of Mattie Spenser by Sandra Dallas for this month's Bumble Book Club meeting. It was like Little House on the Prairie for grown ups. The ending felt contrived and the writing was okay. I'm curious to get the group's take on it.

* Domestically Challenged posted a lovely series of photos and thoughts on Colin Firth. I think I'll go re-read that again after I take Mr. B to preschool. He shouldn't see his mother drooling over online photos of her #2 Secret Boyfriend. Would it be wrong to re-read it with a glass of wine at 12:05 on a Monday afternoon? Maybe it would feel less dirty if I made chamomile tea...


  1. I have to congratulate you on your Eco Women blog--it is fantastic, I have been reading through it and enjoying every minute. You really offer good advice and wow what a gardener you must be wih all that worm poop and how many thousand trees! I aspire to be you! And you inspire me! I have been tinkering with the idea of starting a compost pile but somehow it seems complicated and over whelming to me. Your blog on it was great--it really simplified it all. I am going to go get some free used pallets to make a frame, and get started. Do you just put it in as you have waste and then turn it every few days? Every day? That part I am having trouble with. Do I need worms? This is my second year gardening a true garden although I have had lots of flower gardens through the years.

    Thanks again for the great posts!

  2. Congratulations to Mr T on the black belt. My grown-up kid has his in KungFu. It was days before the smile left his face.

    I'm also in awe of all the things you do on your property!

  3. 260 pounds of worm poop!?!?!? I don't put nearly that much out -- maybe 5 pounds max.

    Will you put the trees in using any sort of machine or is it all your manual labor?

    Congrats to Mr. T!!!

  4. wow. congrats to your son on the black belt! Very impressive!

  5. First the sand, now worm poo!......then trees....
    260 lbs - that's a good few peoples body weight isn't it?

    Wow Melissa - where does your energy come from?

    I love the sound of the bags - will you please post a picture when you get one?

    Well done Mr T!

    I'm impressed by the GG family!

    OOH - and no, it's perfectly ok to drink a martini before lunch whilst dribbling over the Mr Darcy's...mmmmmm!

  6. wow, that is a LOT of worm castings. Since I spent 2.5 hours push mowing my lawn on Saturday, I have no time for spreading.... (post to come soon). How much did all that cost??? And 1,900 seelings? Are you nuts!?

    Oh, compost question for you. I'm a tad bit lazy about turning my compost in the container. Okay. I never do it. Should I throw in some worms to help the process? If so, where do I get them?

  7. Yay, Mr. T!

    You are so industrious, what with the worm poop and baby trees and sand.

  8. Love the Eco woman post -- and yours, too. Personally, I am not a fan of Little House books. They feel more like road maps than books. Too much 'reporting.' WE're nearly all organic with fresh stuff and have indeed been CSA members for 12 years!!!! But there's so much more we could be doing . . .

  9. Worm poop? Maybe a local earth science class/club would help with your plantings as a project for extra credit??

    Congrats to Mr. T.
    I hope you had that glass of wine, and I take 3% credit for those snaps of Colin Firth as my blog on him inspired the highly tech literate Hen to take it one step further! Thank goodness some of us know what they're doing...

  10. Your line about the 260 pounds of worm poop practically stopped my heart! I have such a black thumb. I am so impressed with successful gardeners!

    Oh, and I did wipe up the counters a tad before taking my kitchen pictures!

  11. I'm exhausted just reading that. You accomplish more in a day than I do in a month.

    I've decided that I caught ADD from DOTR. I never used to be this way!

    Boo for snow.

  12. oh, i had something great to say, then i read "colin firth" and all thought left me.

  13. There is NOTHING lame about worm poop...much. BWAHAHAHAHA!

    I used my cotton "shopping bags" this past weekend, for the first time (Dumb old me kept forgetting to take them with me before now)Yea me!

    More congats to Mr. Black Belt (AKA Mr.T),how cool is that?


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