Friday, April 4, 2008

Since my last post...

Good, delightful and pleasant things have happened:

* Our PTA treasurer resigned, but a new person stepped right up to take her place.

* I delegated some things I did last year as PTA president and the people who took them over have done a bang-up job AND seem to enjoy what they're doing.

* We bagged Mr. B's karate class in favor of a quite afternoon after school. Team Testosterone watched a short movie while I made dinner. We ate early (meatloaf, oven fries, green beans & fresh pineapple). Mr. T whipped through his homework and then took a book and curled up in his favorite chair. Mr. G toddled outside and collected dry seed pods from the garden for his dinosaurs and then came inside, went upstairs and "fed" his dinosaurs and gave them baths. (He's a nurturing soul.) Mr. B played quietly in his room. I walked around and looked at them, each peacefully doing their own thing, the house nearly silent except for Mr. G talking to the dinosaurs. It was a moment of pure, perfect happiness for all of us.

* I went to bed wrapped up in a heavenly, fresh-air smell. Ahhhhh.

* Crocuses are blooming in the front flower garden.

A few ugly things happened, too:

* Had a meeting with the school principal and gave her an hour-long earful on how frustrated I've been in the past 3 years of teachers who come to me complaining of how Mr. T struggles, yet NONE of them ever have suggestions and every damn accommodation and modification has come from me. She had nothing to say because (I'm fairly certain) she never goes into classrooms and doesn't have a clue of what's going on.

* Then I unleashed on the "spiral" math curriculum.

* And the evil music teacher. I'm writing her a personal letter.

* And Mr. T's homeroom teacher. I felt bad about because we know her socially, but she hasn't gone the distance like I expect. Her "accommodations" include allowing for letter reversals on his spelling tests and giving him an aide for math. He's still doing the same crap math worksheets. He still has to do as many problems and the same amount of writing as everyone else. He's still always the last one done and still has to bring home homework every night. She does this knowing we'll repeat the entire 3rd grade curriculum this summer as a review for next fall when he repeats 3rd grade.

* Mr. D's baseball team had their first game--and their first loss of the season. He's disgusted. Six errors. They're on pace for 206 errors this season if they keep it up. They expected to win this nonconference game, so they threw their 3rd and 4th pitchers. The score was 12-6.

The forecast this weekend:

* Mr. D's team wins the doubleheader on Saturday.

* 60 degrees and mild.

* Mr. T survives extreme day for his black belt training.

* We play outside, rest, eat pizza and enjoy a quiet weekend.

* I will vacuum up a lot of "dinosaur food" upstairs.


  1. Lets hope your forecast the weekend comes true - sounds as though you need it!

  2. The dinosaur food makes up for the teachers and administrators who lack motivation.

  3. Sounds like you got a lot of mental "spring cleaning" done!
    Just look at all the room you made for more ;p

  4. Doesn't your son have an IEP to hold the teachers accountable?

  5. I like your weekend forecast!

    As for the school, no sense in offering advice because you're already so edu-savvy! :-)

  6. I hope she(the principal) thinks about what you said, all weekend.

  7. My crocus finally has buds. I'm hoping the warm air tomorrow makes them pop, because the 40-degrees today certainly didn't.

  8. hope you have a wonderful wonderful weekend

  9. I love it when everyone quietly does their own thing. It makes everything seem right with the world.

    I'm glad you had some nice to balance out the ick!

  10. Sounds like a good forecast. Enjoy!

  11. Oh the peaks and the valleys. Enjoy your weekend.

  12. the weekend forecast looks great. i want some of that weather.

  13. Nothing more frustrating than teachers (and administrators) who will not do what they're paid to.


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