Thursday, April 24, 2008

Thank Heavens for the Food Network

Reminder: Head over to Eco Women: Protectors of the Planet to enter our 1st ever superfantastic contest!

The sand pile is half moved, the raspberry patch is groomed for the season and this morning I'll pamper the strawberry patch a bit before facing the sand pile again. (Ooooh, the blisters on my hands!)

Last night I saw Strange Days on Planet Earth on PBS and I ended up watching and extra half hour of Food Network (I love Alton Brown's Good Eats) just to get the chill off before I went to sleep. (Alton Brown always makes me happy, but I've got a more serious crush on Chef Duff.) The Great Pacific Garbage Patch was featured, as well with terrifying tales of what chemicals leach out of plastics and how they affect animal life. We have a serious problem with plastic, people. I'm ramping up my anti-plastic-shopping-bag efforts to include bottled water at the ballpark this summer, too. And at PTA-sponsored events. Check out Strange Days on PBS if you haven't. It's fascinating and terrifying (kind of like the X Files).

This morning Mr. T asked to watch a "Michael Jackson movie." Through my keen questioning, I fathomed that he wanted to watch the "Bad" video as part of his preparation for a karate demonstration he's in on Saturday. With the help of You Tube I pulled it up and Team Testosterone watched it while eating breakfast.

Mr. G danced with abandon to Michael Jackson's groovin' tune.

Mr. T smiled and then asked, "Is that a man or a woman, Mom?"

Mr. B asked,"Why does that man sing like a lady?"

Mr. T commented, "I guess they didn't have much electricity in your day, Mom, and that's why they made such short movies."

Then Mr. B asked, "Is that man a bad guy? Is that why he keeps saying he's bad?"

Oh the possible responses to that questions. Is Michael Jackson bad? Do I go there?

Hey Kids! Look at the time! We gotta go!

Momma needs to watch some Charm City Cakes!


  1. I love it! My youngest daughter has taken to reading tabloid headlines in the grocery store checkout. There are some questions for which there just is no good answer. Those are always the ones asked.

  2. You've already moved HALF of the sand? What are you, the Bionic Woman?

    And what kind of prep work did you do to your raspberries?

  3. Did you split your raspberry canes?

    How is this for dumb?

    Sainsburys supermarket (ugh) are handing out PLASTIC fridge magnets to push their campaign to reuse plastic bags - durr?

  4. Did you know Alton Brown lives in my town? He goes to our Saturday Farmer's Market and my favorite coffee shop regularly. My daughter used to hang out at his next door neighbor's house when she was in HS and my friend does all his garden design, etc. (and my other friend used to do the sound for his series--she says he's brilliant)

    Now that's my kind of celebrity!

  5. One of my boys once said of MJ: I didn't know she was white.

    Let's go visit Mom On The Run so we can spy on AB.

  6. Okay, moving all that sand? Now, that's love.

  7. Don't we all ask ourselves those questions about MJ?


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